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  1. Cgko

    Tunkita Pig - Made with AD

    Sweet work! Those brushes look cool!
  2. Hey guys! i coloured a doodle in Affinity photo using my wacom and thought it would be cool to share! You can have a look at the process here: http://www.behance.net/gallery/49651381/Acne Thank you! :D
  3. Cgko

    Illustration: Judgement Day

    Very nice work! I love the soft diffuse lighting.
  4. Thank you guys! I started with the A3 template under Print.
  5. Thank you guys! :) Ronnie, i just used photoshop for some color correction (curves and color shifting), the vignette and the texture overlay. I could do all of those things in Affinity Designer, but i wanted to give an open photoshop file to the person who did the final layout in case he wanted to do some edits.
  6. Hey guys! First time posting here. :) This is a poster i made with affinity designer, with some post work in photoshop. It's for a play, called "O Tornos" which means lathe in greek. It's a great dark comedy. You can see the final version in my behance project