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  1. 33226295-A042-4B2B-9D3E-B3D05AAFCBDA.MP4
  2. Phil K.

    Move tool keeps transforming

  3. Phil K.

    Move tool keeps transforming

    Again, Any update on this from Affinity?
  4. I’ve noticed that the pen tool calculator popup will set the width to half of the value entered. If I enter 9 pets. in the popup then pen width is set to 4.5pts. Entering 2 pt sets the width to 1pt., and so on... E2081451-A53C-46AF-A212-18475B2FB807.MP4
  5. see this thread https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/62426-stroke-width-bug-in-designer/&tab=comments#comment-323557
  6. This workaround is laborious to say the least. So I have to copy an entire layer just to get a few line strokes?
  7. Phil K.

    Stroke width bug in Designer

    I’m seeing the same issue on iPad Pro 9.7” 373C8B13-BA38-4D07-BBE4-D8195AE1C887.MP4
  8. Is there any way to export to a transparent png? I have my document background set to transparent yet when I export to png the background of the image is white not transparent. Also the matte option doesn’t allow you to change to transparent, you can only select a color value.
  9. @Dan C Thank you. I think there is another forum post about this same issue except with Affinity Designer on iPad
  10. Phil K.

    Move tool keeps transforming

    Any update on this from Affinity?
  11. same issue here. Any developer update on this issue?
  12. Phil K.

    Move tool keeps transforming

    Same problem here as well. Very annoying to keep having to undo a transform you didn’t want to perform after attempting to just move an object. Given the importance of moving objects around in a design application, I would think that this would be a showstopper bug and should get highest priority to get this fixed. Vectornator, Graphic and Procreate do not have this problem. Please fix this.