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  1. Thanks for the response Dan, I've attached 2 screenshots below the screenshot below. The first ones the "Add to Library" button, it doesnt show anything when i clicked it The second one is the available macros library, that also shows nothing when i click it. Not sure if thats what you were asking for? I am using a Windows laptop with Windows 10. I did try the directory and i dont see an Affinity folder......
  2. I've recently started using the batch feature to speed up my workflow. I had a few recordings saved in the library but the other day I went to use one and poof...they were gone. I couldn't even see the default presets. Thinking that maybe it was a glitch I tried replicating one I'd made (I needed to edit a group of photos). Once I'd completed it I tried to save it to my library....nothing. No popup window no nothing, like the link had been cut. I tried resetting the program but it didn't resolve the issue. I dont know if I deleted the batch folder or something by accident, but regardless it's not working and I need this feature for my business. Can someone please help me??????
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