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  1. If I've understood this correctly...this is partially do to how some features of this font were implemented...as well as how Designer is showing it by default?
  2. Hi Mike, Thank you for your fast reply. I've turned off initial and final forms, and have the same thing as you
  3. Hi Dan, I uploaded the files to your DropBox. Thank you. Bear with me, as this is rather confusing...why are both TextEdit and Pages (OS X El Cap 10.11.6) displaying this with no issue, but AD is like "look at all these options that you don't even want!!!" ? I need this to look like example # 2, as in my original post, or I cannot use it with my branding, and I've already paid for this font. This is extremely frustrating. I appreciate all your help, everyone.
  4. Hi everyone, I got back to working on an old project and thought for a second that I'd purchased the wrong version of a typeface. The typeface in question is called Parfumerie, and I purchased it off Font Shop over a year ago. Affinity Designer is hell-bent on adding additional swashes to my chosen text in this particular typeface. I know I didn't purchase the wrong typeface, as I've tried this in Pages, and the characters appear as they should. If I turn off ligatures completely, it does some additional weird stuff to the text! I am attaching what it *should* look like, versus what it currently looks like. I have also gone into Preferences - Reset Fonts and it doesn't do anything. I'm coming from years of using Illustrator and when I found Designer, I was ecstatic. I prefer it so much more. But this is really stumping me! I appreciate your help, all! Thanks (The bottom "soft" is the correct one)