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  1. not its not while in the middle of drawing a stroke, its always in between strokes
  2. sorry for the late response. Yes I do adjust my brush sizing using those keys.
  3. Thats not embarrassing at all. Corrected file attached. The crashes are random and spaced out so I'm not sure that I would be able to catch it with a recording effectively. The brush that's being used is whatever the default brush is. I have yet to get any more complex than that. Affinity Designer_2019-08-22-184139_Shanes-MacBook-Pro.crash
  4. I Haven't found any consistency other than its only on the Mac version of the app. I don't have this issue with the same version on the Windows app.
  5. red.foxx15

    FX not following Layer

    That was exactly it. Thanks for the help.
  6. red.foxx15

    FX not following Layer

    I have 3 layers. Two of them have an outer glow FX on them. When I drag the 3rd layer under the other two layers, the first two layers are on top of the third layer, but the FX are under the third layer.