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  1. Thanks Walt, I also found this explanation somewhere and realigned all artboards to full millimeters. Did not think about pixels. So I realigned all artboards now to full pixels and voila: it works Thank you very much
  2. Hi Callum, did you have a chance to check the file? Any idea, what might be the problem? Thanks Tobi
  3. Hi Callum, as far as I can see, the artboards have the same sizes. I deleted all conten from the file and checked, if the problem persists, and yes the same problem is mentioned from the print shop. Thanks Tobi artboard problem.afdesign artboard problem.pdf
  4. Hi, I have a file with 72 pages (done with the artboard). The export to PDF looks fine, but when I want to send the PDF to a print shop, they refuse it as the pages have different sizes/formats. All artboards are copied from one "master" but some of the pages (20, page 2 to 21 from 72) create the error. I already tried to copy a "correct" page and delete the faulty page, but the result is the same. Also Adobe Preflight shows the same error message. Does anyone have an idea, what I could try to get this fixed? Thanks Tobi