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  1. Already reported in beta forums as well. Video below. ( I feel bad to post about these bugs here since you are surely well aware of them.) Kind regards. IMG_1620.MP4
  2. That’s strange, for me the bug persisted even after changing persona or restarting the app. As you said it was triggered by long-pressing a downloaded brush; what fixed it for me was deinstalling all the brushes via “my purchases”. (And of course the bug gets triggered back every time a new brush is long pressed.)
  3. Long-pressing a brush in pixel persona does not open the brush settings: IMG_1605.MP4
  4. If no modifications are being made, “Add global color” crashes the app. It appears to erase the new project altogether. IMG_1592.MP4
  5. I wish at least to see the complete demise of this crucial function from a dev. No, we won’t ever be able to import our color palettes and every time we reinstall the app we’ll have to manually import them. I’d say well this sucks but I can live with it, what else can I do. The lacking of any official response instead feels worse to be honest.
  6. As a designer who works exclusively with vector shapes for cutting I had to see Contour tool “with my own eyes”. It’s a fantastic addition! For a second there I’ve thought it’s only a “trick”, a rather raster shape ‘attached’ to a vector but it’s not! “Substract” WORKS PERFECTLY and the result IS GREAT! Sure the tool needs more stability (maybe I had some issue setting the contour because of a 5000px doc, wanting to see the large-doc improvements for older iPads — that’s besides the point) — but I have no words how helpful this tool is!
  7. A Merry Merry Affinity Christmas! (And may heavens make you understand how important is for the average vector user to import color palletes on the iPad version; almost like the pen tool itself for some) 🙃
  8. Please add “import color palette” option if possible... I think it’s something hugely missing from the mobile apps
  9. Thank you for your reply; you, Alfred and a couple more great people here always come with valuable advices and I admit many times I’ve found eloquent responses to my own questions, without even having to ask them. Now, I didn’t want to start another topic because I didn’t want to put my cheap outrage here in these fantastic forums; but I still miss complex character designs for a project; I’m aware of my own stupidity of not doing backups to my files, but it didn’t crossed my mind for a second I need to save anything when comes to assets, because in two years never happened to me; how co
  10. As stated above; video proof below. Hopefully we won’t have to wait months for such an important bug to be addressed. It works if you deselect the point, but that’s terribly tedious and it’s not a workaround, when ‘join curves’ is a fundamental part of your work. Unrelated to this, a couple of weeks back I’ve lost thousands of designs saved as assets, (while saving a design in ‘assets’ the app crashed and everything in assets has gone, without the rest of the app to be affected), some of them for good; the state Affinity Designer for IPad is, two years later, is disappointing to say
  11. @DWright Hello, on iPad Affinity Designer while saving a design for laser cutting to ‘Assets’ the app froze, crashed and I’ve lost over a hundreds designs (everything I had in ‘Assets’ — instead the ‘iOS 12’ category is back despite deleting it months ago) most of them for good, with no backup. Probably not but before losing my minds completely I have to ask, there’s any chance to recover them? Kind regards.
  12. I had to read a couple of times what I’m seeing here, and even now I can’t believe my eyes this is a drawing; beyond beautiful, thank you for sharing with us!
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