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  1. Is this sorted out in the latest beta (which sadly I cannot try)? — because I just tried 2.3.1 and the bug is still there. All the best. RPReplay_Final1707053100.mp4
  2. Because I have a high volume of work to which joining curves plays a central part, I find very upsetting that this bug is present in both retail version 2.2 and beta version 2.3 on the iPad. It affects both vector brush and pencil tool and no stabiliser and controller option make any difference. iPad Pro M1 11in, iPadOS 17.1 Please fix. Kind regards. RPReplay_Final1698576493.mp4 test_file_join_.afpub
  3. The background colour is being changed for all categories, but it is remembering the settings.
  4. Indeed! Thank you so much for your reply. Only macOS and Windows are listed as platforms above so I thought it’s not on the iPad. This is an amazing change. Thank you for this!
  5. This is something iPad users have asked for years, because they don’t have a light interface to change to. It has been reported numerous times already that the assets panel cannot be seen in strong daylight outside for dark resources. Is there any chance to see it on the iPad too, sometimes in the future maybe?
  6. Very late to the party as I had limited internet and couldn’t install anything substantial for weeks. Congrats for the public release.
  7. It’s easy to criticise and reject AI from a hobbyist standpoint; not so sweet when on FS’s like fiverr the work you’re doing is made a hundred times more precise and quick by designers who use AI, literally pushing you out of business. Serif embracing or not AI features will not change the fact that our reality as artists and designers had been irremediably affected already by the generative AI. As ugly and fake our artistic reality will become, there is no turning back from it.
  8. Yes, you are right, thank you. I’ve been re-installed both apps before testing but while the retail version has auto-apply button selected by default, the beta version does not (and its place has changed); hence the confusion. Maybe a mod could erase this entry altogether — if there’s a bug it has nothing to do with this post.
  9. Thank you @walt.farrell. It means it’s iPadOS 17 beta-specific. I just found out from a mod that Affinity does not support iPadOS 17 beta yet so I will refrain from posting these so-called bugs from now on.
  10. @NathanC Thank you for your detailed reply. I don’t think this issue is iOS 17 or Stage Manager specific. I asked a friend who has iPad Pro 2019 (A10 SoC) which runs on iPadOS 16 and I used the iPad Magic Keyboard on all Affinity 2.1.1 apps. There are issues there too because the trackpad does not work on selecting or editing the text at all (the keyboard works for everything else), so I’m thinking it could be a Magic Keyboard-related issue, maybe? I made a screen-recording below on my friend’s iPad, which shows the trackpad of iPad Magic Keyboard not interacting with text at all. Regards. RPReplay_Final1689075403.mp4
  11. If a text is copied from an external source like Pages the text retains the styles applied, but not if the text is copied or moved from one Affinity document to another. Apologies if it’s already acknowledged. RPReplay_Final1689064771.mp4
  12. Therefore editing text with precision is not (easily) possible. M1 iPad Pro 256gb Cellular iPadOS 17 Beta 3 iPad Magic Keyboard RPReplay_Final1689062851.mp4
  13. My opinion will obviously not change anything but nonetheless I agree with OP: I’d be grateful for more compatibility between Beta and Public, at least for features available in both and not exclusive to Beta. Cheers!
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