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  1. I expected ... this kind of reply...
  2. Welcome to software development. Dependencies and architecture. Many feature requests are accompanied by a handful of changes to the architecture. Thats why we design and prepare the core for the future as far as is humanly possible. Smart thinking early means more fun later. But remember that developers don't run the company. Business decisions counts. We are in fact scaling projects up massively when needed - and down after release - otherwise we could never deliver certain features before we retire. That also means that we get input and insights from new architects and programmers and user experience designers from time to time. Serif published a road map. What I would like to know if it is their business strategy to develop many projects simultaneously with limited resources thus lettings us wait for many years for whatever is listed on their OWN PUBLIC road map. If they know we have to wait a decade - tell us. Or remove the road map entirely. Waiting four to six years or more?? in the dark is pointless. I enjoy the user interface very much - and the new approach to some features - but they years of waiting with no solution in sight killed my enthusiasm.
  3. I am employed in a huge software company - I do know about iterations and complexity. Especially the role of architecture. I also know about a fact - we secured our always growing market share by delivering and in the right order I might add. Giving our customers a plate but letting them wait for fork, knife and spoon certainly never was an option. Temporarily scaling projects up did make more sense - when needed. "Bear with us" is a no go in communication with customers. After a number of years with hard work and late nights at work we are harvesting. Several users here aired concern about the size of Serif and the number of software projects they are working on - when Publisher is released fx, will Serif work on an iPad version too? Sure they will. Publisher, Designer, Photo for Windows, iOS and OS X. A mouthful too big. Complexity of architecture is a minor factor compared to the complexity caused by limited resources and too many projects.
  4. Ehm, I was referring to his very simple cutting example (break curve). I did not in any way discus how Serif will implement the knife tool. I need support for most of the the knife cutting scenarios you described. It simply accelerates and simplifies work flows (and reduces cost - customers tend to like that, business survival relies on it). Let's see if 2019 or 2020 or 2021 will be the year of the knife tool.
  5. Wafer

    Affinity Designer for Windows - 1.6.5

    Applause on delivery. Enough waiting for years while listening to dreamers promising Wunderwaffe. Now 12 more months of waiting ahead. Plenty of time for posting dreams on this forum, eh? Also a SCRUM quote this thread, you need it badly:
  6. While it does sound slightly interesting, it doesn't seem flexible or usable for any creative use of distortion tools. It seems Affinity Designer is for computer game graphic graphics for Sim City or for brush tool painting on a digital canvas. Thank you for your detailed answer, though, I appreciate it @Aongus Collins And for Serif, let's quote scrum.org before we wait another 12 months for another update and perhaps... customer satisfaction.
  7. Allright, thx, sounds interesting. But if you need (envelope) distortion applied to an entire group? Any good for that? Knife: that is also a very simple cutting scenario.
  8. Haha, bullets. Rocket science. I am beginning to fear that perhaps Serif is not the tech company I was hoping it is. Still waiting for knife tool, distortion tool and mesh fill!!! On the plus side I am starting to forgive Illustrator and Adobe for the subscription model and user interface. It is really more meaningful to deliver and get paid than to wait for years. For Godot.
  9. Are any of these features from the roadmap from - just one - added to Affinity 1.7 BETA? Mesh fill tool Mesh warp/distort tool Knife tool alligraphic line styles Arrow head line styles Export slices previews with actual export data Pages Text features including Bullets and Numbering Knockout groups Multiple Effects/Fills/Strokes per shape Convert Pixel selection to Vector shape
  10. Only use release versions for production use! Especially when all you have is a beta of a brand new product.
  11. @StephBradley Watch these and learn step by step
  12. I do remember a lot of crashes too - but that was many years ago. It still had - and has - the features I need. The more recent versions I tried didn't fail on me. The most unstable software I have ever used was in fact Serif DrawPlus! No competition. Its good to see that the Affinity line is very stable. I always updated my Adobe apps with a shaking hand - they do demand more and more from your hardware, but the recent versions run fine on all computers I have access to. Except Lightroom that is the clumsy member of the family. I like the updates - the user interface looks great and stability is great too. Working in Illustrator is just not fun or intuitive. I sketch a lot on paper with pencils and its amazing how a brainstorm with pen and paper can result in great ideas - and results. I never feel like brainstorming in Illustrator and that is why I combine it with software like AD. But I need the basic features that are not part of AD yet.
  13. It is not a RTFM issue for the many users. The feature is not needed there.