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  1. Congrats with your new monitor and thanks for a kind reply. Looking forward to forthcoming creations from you.
  2. It is a fine portrait with conservative lighting. However the sharpening of the skin (or makeup) is a no go. You don't want to emphasize the texture of skin or makeup. "Experts" from the Internet University rate my favorite and expensive portrait lens low because it is not sharp as hell. Professional photographers adore it because it renders faces like we see them. You want an organic look. Sharpen the eyes, eyebrows, hair in focus ever so slightly, lips a bit, bling in focus. Local contrast in Capture Pro rarely has any role to play in a portrait. Perhaps for local adjustments. Remember amateurs on the internet yell SHARPNESS SHARPNESS and compare index numbers from DxO to rate sensors and lenses. Professionals judge the actual rendering of the motive. Capture One renders images organic and beautifully - so think twice before touching sharpness and clarity. Especially on portraits. I am no fan of retouching skin into a plastic surface but it is never my task to attract attention to powder on the skin or the skin itself. This is a lazy and quick edit just to prove my point - view and compare at 100% - the browser softens the image a bit I can see. TIP: When hair starts to look "digital" you did something wrong.
  3. Both are superb. I love the first one. The second composite ... I have an expensive monitor and it renders black BLACK. I think you should remove a little contrast from the car and the couple or reduce the level of black JUST on these two. Just an idea so everything matches the hazy look. Then again... I am not entirely sure. Example:
  4. Nice classic look. You don't necessarily have to distribute the various bits and pieces over the entire area. But it is not a problem here. My eyes just jump around. The shadow is also too agressive. It looks like the objects are flying - and it should be blurred more. Besides that it looks professional and appealing. Advice: the museeum should possibly register a simple and shorter domain name for campaigns and prints. No one will ever remember that URL. Especially seniors
  5. The glass with coke is beautifully executed. The background works very well with the glass. Sometimes colour contrast works great too, but the harmony between background and the coke is very soothening. Viewed from a distance it all makes sense. Viewed closer the two items are too different. The glass has a very realistic organic look while the burger looks like (quality) clip art and the noise does not look realistic. Burger buns dont have that kind of fine grained texture and they do reflect light like glass, just not as much. The salad needs a lot more work. The burger is also too symmetric. If I was you I would be proud of my work and continue improving the burger. Make sure it has the same visual style as the drink. Use one or more photos as inspiration. Google brioche buns. With a few clever tricks it won't take long. A few improvements and I wouldn't mind hanging it in my kitchen. Best regards
  6. The hands and feet don't make much sense to me (I always had serious trouble drawing hands and feet, so I know how hard it is though) but the textures on the creature are great. The discreet background works very well with the main motive. Well done
  7. Bingo Well, not exactly. I HOPE! I am 'angry' with the decision makers. However I share @JGD's feeling that engineers made feature design decisions here and there. Fx one of the features in Designer we saw early in the beta - that has been withdrawn. Hardly a popular feature request. Release early and often: "early and frequent releases in creating a tight feedback loop between developers and testers or users, contrary to a feature-based release strategy"
  8. I need a story editor because I have to change words, terms or entire paragraphs for many, many reasons beyond my control long after I receive them and place them. "Fun" before deadline. Customers, politicians, managers, communication experts or the common pygmy. I belive this is a common scenario. It is not word processing like what the author did for days. It is final adjustments to the text or layout. That work is clumsy and slow in the WYSIWYG page layout mode. Slow doesn't buy you food or clothes. Why would I wish to work in the worst mode available when I have to work with 40 or 100+ pages of text in complex layout? That is why you can work in outline mode or just view the selected object in Designer. Focus and speed! Thats why story editors exist. Somebody needs to focus on the text alone in the final phase. Whatever. If it makes sense to integrate Designer and Photo into Publisher - a story editor makes sense too. So, pretty please, with sugar on top, add a story editor.
  9. Excellent, thank you very, very much @MEB I did not select the gradient tool from the toolbar, but from the context toolbar, so I never really saw the dotted rectangle
  10. Oh sorry @MEB I found a possible clue/explanation but there still is a problem. One of the gradient stops (the last) in 'Original.afdesign' did include noise. That will result in rasterization of course. BUT if I pull the slider to zero noise - the file still gets rasterized: modified_original.afdesign. I checked and checked the stops... they are all pure with no noise and it still gets rasterized. Removing the shape and drawing another with a similar type of gradient results in no rasterization: modified_original_with_new_gradient.afdesign so it is supported. I don't know what happened - but it may be a bug related to code behind noise: Delete the shape in original.afdesign Add a new Add gradient Add noise to the stops Export to svg No noise exported - and no rasterization
  11. I created a LOT of artwork, brochures, logos, posters etc. for a huge global healthcare company 20 years ago, especially in 2002. I could pick software freely unless I had to continue on previous work made in fx Illustrator. I used a lot of software, mostly Illustrator and CorelDRAW, but preferred CorelDRAW. Whatever I did it just was more fun and my workflow much faster in CorelDRAW. I certainly didn't suffer from a lack of features back then. 20 years later somebody claims they are "building world leading professional creative apps" and we are having this discussion because they are not there yet and 20 years ago I would have said the same about Affinity Designer 1.7. It makes me laugh. Serif is still trying to sell as many copies they can, did you experience their aggressive sales people before the Affinity line? Flies on the phone. "Create jaw dropping blah blah". Pile it high, sell them cheap. But they really should find and accept their niche - and it certainly is NOT in the advanced vector illustration business. Tone down the rhetoric, Serif marketing, attract a segment you can actually fully serve. Save the big words for when you have the pro features in the products. Or focus on young artists with iPads making brush based artwork. Or, lets face it, small companies, people with a limited budget etc. It is great for them to have a cheap alternative. But it is not "world leading". I am a curious guy who purchased and tried a lot of software (and did a lot of mansplaining to my wife who did not see the need), also every open source alternative there is. I like and prefer the user interface in the Affinity line, and I make a lot of doodles in it during brainstorm sessions. But the next step is always to launch Illustrator. So for now I call it Affinity Doodle.
  12. @MadManThey are correct. AND! Be aware that Xara is not a colour managed application - it does not use the monitor profile *at all* - "Welcome to Amateur Hour", Albert Rosenfield would say. Still quite usable and cheap, but using a wide gamut monitor with is not fun for professionals. Anyway, be aware that Xara, Affinity and other design apps can display a file differently on your system, and if they do, don't trust Xara. This is the colour #ce4100 in Xara, Photoshop CC 2019 and Designer 1.7 beta on an expensive Eizo wide gamut monitor: [ ]
  13. Thanks Original is the original shape and fill copy pasted into new and empty document. Fill: elliptical. Shape is the original shape after I tried a solid fill (no raster) and then linear fill (rasterized). There is no escape. Both files will export the curved shape with a rasterized fill unless it is a solid fill. SVG PDF etc.
  14. All vector formats available for export. Serif? @Sean P
  15. Simple shape. Attached. Linear gradient. Gets rasterized on export whatever I do - also in lastest beta. Why? Originally it had an elliptical gradient. But reversing to a solid fill (then Designer correctly does not rasterize on export) is no work around because if I then chose linear gradient it gets rasterized again. shape.afdesign Original.afdesign
  16. I assumed that the inspired, professional, creative and fast users of Affinity would put two and two together, and if not, ask Google.
  17. Agreed: https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/careers/
  18. No matter how many nodes you add to two of the sides, they are not exported (SVG, PDF, EPS, WMF). It is the smooth curve code (optimizing) that removes these nodes behind your back when you export to SVG etc. Just click smooth curve and see that same result. The result is reversed for some formats. This kind of curve optimization should be optional. Original shape with additional nodes (1, 2, 3 and 4) Latest beta of Designer (331): New document New rectangle shape Convert to curves Add additional nodes on all four sides like in my example Result when exporting to ... SVG PDF EPS WMF
  19. “We’re building world leading professional creative apps, striving to inspire the creative industry to think bigger, work faster and create better.”
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