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  1. Well well well... Big Sur(veillance) https://sneak.berlin/20201112/your-computer-isnt-yours/
  2. Some answers and direct support from Serif (and/or Amazon) would be interesting at this point.
  3. Glad you figured it out, @Otto Manuel Maybe Serif should capitulate and simply link from the toolbar directly to Inkscape, CorelDRAW... Illustrator. 😄
  4. Keyboard shortcuts for macros is a must - so yes. In Adobe Photoshop macros are tightly integrated into my workflows and I use macros all the time. All the time. So shortcuts are vital for professional use (time is money and results matter). I can see the need for shortcuts for brushes as well - I would personally prefer a shortcut that opens a easy-to-select brush dialog with recent brushes and most used brushes listed - and it should be easy to select whatever and search for whatever without even using the mouse.
  5. I have a nagging feeling that Serif wasn't even aware of this and the importance of a correctly working layer fill capability. I am not sure why Serif went out of their way to imitate Adobe Photoshop - but not to understand it and how it works and how the world uses it. My guess is that Serif is simply not in touch with a satisfying professional network (and no not forum users). StudioLink and live filters are not interesting before the programs actually work.
  6. Some nice examples there, @theyzzzecom, cudos. Where do you get your inspiration from? They threw me back in time somehow and to somewhere but I can't remember to what exactly.
  7. Good inputs, thanks @betachromatic Smaller or none also - agreed - but people with 4K high resolution monitor will often prefer the larger thumbnails - several complaints here about too small screen elements Ouch, now the user interface gets cluttered - a thumbnail size in percent would perhaps work better - a fourth option "Custom" that opens the preferences dialog - whatever method - could work for special needs. Yes, it would be nice. As someone else pointed out the control + drag for copy is often difficult to work with with precision and without problems, so other options should be explored - fx "Duplicate to" with functionality that makes it easy and obvious that now "lets place the duplicate" - perhaps too much though. But yes, I would probably use the drag + control to duplicate into another group. Yes! + Search in layers, pleeeease... working with huge drawings (or publications in Publisher I guess) it is hell to look for a specific layer that hides in a gropu below a group. I think Serif sank too deep into their first UI architecture and concepts (focusing too much on technical architecture) - and you know how I feel about the lack of UX specialists involved - so I think Serif should take a deep breath before the next major update and rethink the usability in some core features with professional UX assistance. The brushes panel more than anything needs a total overhaul. The shared code principle in Affinity make work against Serif - what works well in Designer may not in Publisher or Photo. It may end in a compromise when it is worst; no one is really happy. 🙂 That being said I am personally mostly satisfied with the layers panel in Designer. With search and a real locking lock I would be able to use it properly.
  8. No, there is not. Inkscape has this feature - for free. More on the topic here:
  9. @haakoo It doesn't have to be separate panels. It just has to be better than now. Work better and smarter in any workflow. A user experience designer could find a way. @Nazario made one suggestion. Part of a creative process. Serif are grateful for these input. The difference between you and me... You complain a lot about other users and opinions. Constantly. Sad-face tag as much as you can. The effect of your approach did not change much in the history of mankind. If you had any - any - experience with the real and professional world - for example design sprints, rapid prototyping - you name it - you would know that solutions comes from many suggestions, iterations, errors, minimum viable products. Listening. Effort. Input. In the modern and progressive world and software industry a user experience designer has a key role in this crucial phase of software development. I am asking for professional UX assistance in Nottingham. Specialists. Improvements. I have nothing more to add to your countless, pointless sad-face tags and comments. It is simply just a monumental waste of time for the reasons stated above.
  10. The export dialog is - due to lack of user experience designers - made by engineers. It should be designed by user experience designers and be scenario based as a starting point. Informative. Logic. Minimize points of pain. Instead Serif customers have to go through trial and error, googling, asking on forums and then saving the best preset they can. Welcome to 1998. A preview of the export is of course not available in all export tabs.
  11. It is so obvious that Serif has no educated, experienced, real user experience designer. So obvious that you can see it from space. Impact is obvious too. You are paying.
  12. If you are a vector illustrator - and Corel or Adobe is too expensive then this gotta make you curious: https://www.vectorstyler.com/detailed/ https://www.vectorstyler.com The sad comparison is Affinity Designer - strip the toolbar for fillers and you get this: Designer needs the PRO in professional. Designer is a tool for bitmap illustrators with a few basic vector tools for control. It will never catch up (not even close) on any competing vector program - and Serif do not intend to. It is obvious. Designer is not cheap - what you save in money you will lose in time = money. Life. Time. Efficiency. Or lets "quote" Affinity Spotlight:
  13. From a user perspective: No. The HEX value for web (who can also use fx RGB in CSS) should be part of any colour mode dialogue. I like the copy RGB/HEX buttons though. Adobe Illustrator: CorelDRAW (observe the Fill winding and overprint fill options!)
  14. Issue in earlier builds/versions of the beta I believe - you better install the newest beta: BUT! Unless you are deliberately testing the beta - or checking out its new features - stick to the release versions for learning and especially production work
  15. Your question is simple so I made a simple demo - is this what you are trying to do? 🙂 I a monkeying around with colors just to show you what is fill and what is stroke. Or are you trying to edit the lion as a path.
  16. Graphics Suite 2020 edition. Affinity Designer is - in comparison - a mix of essentials and standard. For hobbyists and small (!) businesses. At it will probably be like that for a long time. Not a shred of evidence points towards professional features are waiting for us. After 5 years of development of Affinity and after 25 year in the business they still didn't get the boolean operator working correctly. You just can't expect them to deliver more complex stuff that can actually work in a satisfying way or compete then. CorelDRAW Professional is where most of the fun for professionals is. There is a trial of CorelDRAW available.
  17. Wait for a miracle - or use an actual solution now. That is your real options.
  18. CorelDRAW or Illustrator. Or wait for 20 years with 3 programs to do one programs job... and wait for what? You don't know. You get what you pay for - still true in 2020.
  19. Now that you have proven that you don't understand the core principles of usability, and even showed us the problem and annoyance with an example, I rest my case.
  20. Tip: DEFAULT usability /ˌjuːzəˈbɪləti/ noun the degree to which something is able or fit to be used.
  21. The only reason why Serif ported their Affinity suite to Windows is the huge - huge! - business case. Millions of potential customers and the market will be there for decades. Stable and profitable. Every investment in development and support will be returned several times. Failure in other markets is incredibly expensive - and the prospect of success is minimal. That goes for all minority operating systems. This is the only time I will comment this topic because it is - although I too think it would be nice to see many software titles available for more platforms - a waste of time and life. Because it just wont happen.
  22. The default gradient is white to grey - it should be white to black like in fx Photoshop Black to white is the most widespread colors used on layer masks in photography - and it is a pain to change the grey color stop to black in Photo. And every bloody time you draw a gradient it defaults to useless grey. Here is Photoshop's gradient toolbar - ready for an efficient workflow:
  23. BMP is by no means a dead file format. It is still in use - and more importantly - was widely used at all levels in society. It is an easy format to support - and an important format. https://www.loc.gov/preservation/digital/formats/fdd/fdd000189.shtml One day in the year of 2120 Affünity Photo v1.0 from Sherif Tacoware in Hottingnam can't open or save to legacy formats like JPG, PNG or TIFF. It will also not support .afphoto files. People - isolated from history - will start to eat bats. Suddenly one gets a fever...
  24. Days without crop to selection in Affinity Photo: From and including: Thursday, 9 July 2015 To and including: Wednesday, 11 November 2020 Result: 1953 days It is 1953 days from the start date to the end date, end date included. Or 5 years, 4 months, 3 days including the end date. Or 64 months, 3 days including the end date
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