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  1. Very good question. It is just "great" that the discussion circled around the roadmap thread for years when it wasn't relevant anymore. You do know as well as the rest of the forum that people referred to the roadmap in hundreds of posts when people asked for features. So what are they all waiting for in reality?
  2. You are not good at this.
  3. I am not a masochist, so no. Perhaps artboards will do. I just prefer working with pages like I did once in DrawPlus. Ideal for brainstorming. Every page has its own layers. I jump from one concept to another. Every page and concept is isolated. Switching between them is fast and logical. Studiolink is a great idea when Publisher is your main tool. It never will be mine.
  4. I just want page support in Designer. I don't need Publisher. Or Photo.
  5. Jowday

    Expand stroke incorrect

    Yes, I know they promised to improve it. For years. We only have the future. A tiny microscopic portion of it. Minus four years.
  6. Kind of. Create a circle (using circle shape tool), select a node, Delete the the node with DEL, ugly shape Undo, CTRL + Alt + Backspace... same ugly shape Directly after this adjust the two middle nodes to re-create the circle shape Delete the the node with DEL, shape almost intact Undo, CTRL + Alt + Backspace... shape almost intact So... how often it does a great job, I don't know. But thanks @Aammppaa - I did not know about this trick in AD.
  7. My fault. I need to open my eyes from time to time.
  8. @Mustafa Kadhem Just a wild guess. Does it improve performance at all to close the appearance studio?
  9. Jowday

    1.7.1 is soooo slowly

    @Mark Ingram In conclusion, it certainly seems that an active appearance studio slows the performance considerably. A fix will be a great candidate for the 1.7.2 or 1.7.3 update.
  10. Jowday

    Expand stroke incorrect

    It certainly does work. But how many percent of your customers knows about this work around? A fraction of a fraction? For four long years.
  11. Jowday

    Expand stroke incorrect

    Emergency room wait times... the more you wait... the more real and urgent it feels.
  12. At this point I wish that Serif would chime in with facts or questions or apologies.
  13. Jowday

    Contour Vector

    This is the poorly implemented expand stroke feature customers have complained about for four+ long long years ... here ruining the work of the customer @SIGN+
  14. Jowday

    Expand stroke incorrect

    How is this unsolved (for years and years) issue "pre 1.7". It is more relevant and present than ever.
  15. @simonlayfield No it is a real spray tool. You activate it from the toolbar. Select spray tool, select a source shape and... spray:
  16. I am certain that their main reason was to remove the roadmap. Not the discussion. The discussions would fit perfectly in the archive together with any other previous discussions.
  17. I think we can agree that Designer needs a vector perspective tool.
  18. The roadmap was deleted by Serif.
  19. Vector spray? I don't think it ever was. Designer is a vector drawing program with surprisingly few vector tools. If you are on a budget, the more you use Designer, the more you will like Inkscape. And have to use it anyway. I don't think Designer will ever get these cool vector features - it should be obvious by now.
  20. What roadmap exactly?URL?
  21. You still don't suddenly delete a thread like that. Erase memory. They deleted all roadmaps btw.
  22. Suddenly removing such a thread with hundreds of suggestions and input from customers rather than adjusting it... That INDEED sounds like they are ‘adjusting’ it.
  23. Please find below the current feature roadmap for Affinity Designer. The list is a selection of features from our own internal roadmap we would like to share with our users. If a feature you would like isn't on the list then feel free to create a new post so everyone can discuss it. We read all the feature suggestions and consider each one very carefully. The idea is the list will never get longer. As we complete and release features then we will replace those features with new ones. Pro Printing -Phase II transparency flattener -Bleed area guides Illustration & Design -Mesh fill tool -Mesh warp/distort tool -Knife tool -Calligraphic line styles -Arrow head line styles -Export slices previews with actual export data -Pages -Text features including Bullets and Numbering -Knockout groups -Multiple Effects/Fills/Strokes per shape -Convert Pixel selection to Vector shape Usability Replicate/Blend Please feel free to ask questions about the features on the list but don't post new feature requests in this thread, just create a new thread.