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  1. This is so helpful. I explored SmartDraw, Creately, LucidChart for flowcharts but didn't want to pay the ridiculous subscription pricing for such a specific use once in a while. Draw.io is perfect since its free and its not just an online-only crap software. You can download the draw.io standalone software for any platform. Great post!
  2. I just encountered the same issue. I googled it and found this post. Is there an ETA on this fix? Its been over a year since Sean's post and this issue has NOT been fixed. I just applied constraints to to an object within a group and the whole group's effects (shadow and glow) just got disabled/messed up. This is a very annoying problem for me! PS: I just realized this was in the windows section. I am on MacOS. But the bug is the same, so I won't repost in the Mac thread.
  3. OH MY GOD...thank you so much for the link to download the ios 11 kit. I spent 1 hour looking for this online. I don't know why Serif makes it so hard to find these essential kits. They should just be in a downloads section of their website.
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