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  1. Is it really clarified that it is a memory issue? As I said I had problems importing the assets with a large resolution. I can’t really check the size of the data but when I deleted the assets with a large pixel size I could import them without a hassle and also work with them.
  2. Hello there, I did some testing myself an the problem isn’t the file size, it’s the size of the assets/styles. I downloaded the test version of the affinity designer desktop app and first split the files into smaller ones, now some were imported while others still crashed the app. So I deleted the biggest assets and styles (assets are easy because you can actually see the size when you drag it in the workspace, styles are more difficult: you have to look at the pixel while zoomed in to get an idea about the size) Now I can work with at least most of the pack Still looking forward to
  3. Is there maybe any chance to split the files into smaller packages as a temporary fix? The 30 mb elements file loads without problems but I can’t get the two bigger ones to work. My 2018 iPad crashes every time - I tried it at least 20 times including restarting and reinstalling the app and also restarting the iPad. Since I do not own Affinity designer for Mac I cannot use the assets and it’s really frustrating. (I even thought about purchasing it because of this but it simply isn’t in my budget right now) But thanks for caring
  4. I have the same problem with my 2018 iPad. Is there any possibility this gets solved in the near future? It’s really frustrating since the asset pack seems to be tested with the 2017 (normal) iPad.
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