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  1. ‚Markus Einspannier

    Kill Bill Vol.3

    I created a Teaser Movie Poster how I imagine one of my most wished movies. on the iPad Pro. greetings from Germany
  2. ‚Markus Einspannier

    iPad caricature with affinity photo

    I made a caricature with the ipad it was a really funny experience what do you think?
  3. ‚Markus Einspannier

    Strange Relationship,

    Here is one of my Composings I made on the iPad Pro and affinity phot i have also a YT Video online have a nice Weekend and greetings from Germany YT link:
  4. ‚Markus Einspannier

    My Affinity iPad Works

    Hi my Name is Markus, I‘m a new Member of this Forum and i wanna Show some of my Affinity iPad works best Wishes from Germany