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  1. Thanks a ton. This was a great help.
  2. I get it. But there is an Opensource software - Inkscape - that does it, albeit in a very rudimentary method and does not do justice to it. So if an opensource software can try to do it, my guess was AD has a lot to gain if they could manage it. Not to mention they would REALLLY make my life easy.
  3. I never noticed that there were Artboards. Like in Illustrator, they are easy to add, but in AD I did not see the option anywhere - not in the menu and not in the sidepanel. I only realised that AD can have multiple pages and artboards when I opened a multi page PDF file. And after a lot of hunting I realised that you can create a shape and save it as an artboard. They should simplify it a little.
  4. I recently purchased Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo for my Macbook Pro laptop. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Affinity Photo opens up my PSD files. But I was disappointed to see that if the document fonts were not installed at the moment, Affinity Photo made no effort to install them and even when I did install them, it did not recognise them. I had to quit Affinity Photo and relaunch it, for it to recognise the fonts used in the document. Hope you find the above ideas and requests worthy of your time and respond positively.
  5. I just recently purchased Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo for my Macbook Pro laptop. Most importantly, I want these softwares to remove my dependency on the industry standard softwares I have been using for the last over 20 years - Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw. Affinity Designer did open up my Adobe Illustrator files but did not add the elements which were placed outside the page. If it could open up the complete AI file as it is with all the elements, both on the page and outside the page, it will be wonderful. It will save a ton of work for designers who routinely put a few objects outside the page knowing they may need to use it later. I recently created a complex branding guideline brochure for a client entirely in Adobe Illustrator using multiple Artboards for making a multiple page document. Affinity Designer will make it impossible to create such a document. You really need to consider either giving it a multiple page feature or a multiple artboard feature which can make it easy to create a multiple page document. The biggest feature request I ask of you is CorelDraw file support. Affinity Designer should be able to open or import a CorelDraw document. CorelDraw has been a world favourite of designers and illustrators for decades and is one huge reason many designers have not moved to Mac because there is no Corel version for Mac. This is also one reason I have sacrificed a 100GB on my Macbook to install Windows through Bootcamp. Just so that I could keep using CorelDraw. My first response to using Affinity Designer was delight since I found it more intuitive and friendlier to work with than Adobe Illustrator (which is why I had not been able to completely move to Illustrator all these years). If you add CorelDraw file support I may finally be able to ditch Bootcamp and Corel and move my complete design workflow to Affinity. And I can assure you there are thousands of designers out there working on Macs who are looking for a CorelDraw replacement (have gone through a lot of blog posts and forums when I myself was looking for one). Lastly, is there any way that the sidepanel (Studio) can be hidden with just a small arrow/tab peeking out clicking on which pops it out into view again? Hope you find the above ideas and requests worthy of your time and respond positively.

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