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  1. Inkscape is free, open source and multi-platform. It has this feature and I've used it before in combination with Affinity tools.
  2. I have a file with some vector masks that were previously hidden from export before they were used as masks. In order to make them export I have to remove them from their position of mask, switch to the export persona, click "Make item visible for export" and then switch back to the designer persona to re-enable them as masks. It seems there should still be a button for "Make item visible for export" when an object is used as a vector mask.
  3. This would be a really useful feature. Inkscape has this functionality, but the UX could be improved upon.
  4. I have been hoping they have plans for this. If not, it should be seriously considered. The number of Windows Ink capable devices is growing. I got a laptop with pen functionality specifically for tools like Designer. The iPad interface looks like it works really well in that workflow.
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