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  1. Hi Gabriel, thank you for your answer, I'll be waiting for a solution. Best Peter
  2. Hi Gabriel, thank you for your reply. I am attaching two files to see a difference, when I am exporting image from RAW to JPEG inside Nikon Capture NX-D and when I do the same inside Affinity Photo (and doesn't matter if I do just export without retouching the image or I do retouching then exporting to JPEG). You can see displayed images in the Nikon View NX-i, file information on the right side and the difference between these two EXIF/IPTC information. I did some digging into Exiftool used by Affinity and I found out on the Exiftool forum webpage, that if you want to preserve all the EXIF tags, you must use special commands in command line. Does the Affinity use such a commands? Thank you. Peter
  3. Hello, I am a new Affinity Photo user and I found out, that when I export file to JPEG, I loose EXIF info. When I open RAW file from my camera Nikon D700 in Development persona, EXIF tool doesn't read all the EXIF info (compare to Nikon ViewNXi, where I see a lot more EXIF information about image settings, camera info, flash info, Picture control settings etc.). When I develop image, work on it in Photo persona (using NIK collection plugin as well) and export it to JPEG (embed metadata checked), EXIF data is lost then. Is there any way to preserve all the original EXIF data embedded in RAW image when developing and exporting image in Affinity Photo? I attached file to see what EXIF is displayed in Development persona when I open RAW image. Is it same for you guys? Or do you have more detailed EXIF? Thanks for help. Peter
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