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  1. valenceelectron

    Strange Metal Problem

    Thanks! At least now I know it's not some problem/defect with my MBP. The decision seems strange though. Metal 2 should work on this iGPU, so I don't really see a hardware related reason for this other than Affinity might simply not (yet) include support for all Metal 2 capable devices. Would be great to know if this is the case and if one can hope for more supported (i)GPUs in future updates.
  2. valenceelectron

    Strange Metal Problem

    My 13" 2015 MBP features a Intel Iris 6100 that is Metal-capable according to system profiler. I can select "Metal" for "Display" but for "Hardware Acceleration" it shows "no compatible GPU". Does this mean a 2015 MBP is too old for that?