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  1. Thanks, @v_kyr, I bought this as part of a package this morning for a project. Thankfully the solution worked despite the file's origins!
  2. AWESOME, Thanks for the speedy solution @reglico!
  3. I'm working with an SVG file, trying to fill the inside area of a closed line with colour. I'm missing some fundamental information here because when I change the fill colour like I've done many times before, the colour inside the line changes but the area I want to fill remains transparent. I expect that this will be an easy problem to resolve with the right SVG fundamental, but I'm not sure what to search on to find the answer myself. Everything tried missed the mark. Alberta11.svg
  4. Hi, I watched the Cutting Out tutorial video and was able to cut out the individual that I want, but even after applying the "Refine" to my selection, a residual background that looks like hair remains. What did I do wrong and how do I fix it?