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  1. Agree. It has till not been solved after one year
  2. Thank you for the links. I will wait for the alpha version. I need the Publisher most anyway...
  3. Just uninstalled all three applications because I could not start any of them. 1.8 is completely useless. I will try in a few months when, maybe update comes. I know that software testing is expensive and time consuming, but letting the customers do that work is not the best solution I think...
  4. I don't have any corrupted or damaged fonts. Even if that was a case, the Affinity should be able to avoid similar collisions by discarding such fonts like Adobe apps because they don't crush at all on the same machine.
  5. No luck here. I can't start any of Affinity apps even as an administrator. It just won't work. I can't believe they didn't tested more thoroughly before release of such big update...
  6. OK, if you need some more information, I'll be glad to help.
  7. Nothing works at my side, publisher, designer, photo, all 1.8 and won't load at all. Screen opens and after a message that the fonts are loading it crashes. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall but no luck.
  8. Win 10, publisher, designer, photo, all on 1.8 Nothing loads. Reinstalled all. Not one of them won't load. I miss 1.7.3 so much 😞
  9. nothing works at my side too, publisher, designer, photo, all 1.8 and won't load at all
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