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  1. Sorry I do disagree with you. I talk point your application Affinity Designer to fix it!
  2. Not matter what without beta and within beta is the same. Only focus Affinity Designer.app problem. I am still on MacOS 11
  3. I already answer to show exactly picture without text. I am not good english text only. Just follow picture on above.
  4. walt.farrell I am wait for you inspect yourself what Old Bruce said. @walt.farrell and @Old Bruce
  5. Walt.farrell you are correct answer. Previous version was it work, Now not work.
  6. Yes that icon where I show you white arrow point on top not work ICON ALIGNMENT. I am use Macintosh and MacOS 11 Beta.
  7. Yes I did not mean about text no no. Only purple rectangle object. I am confused icon "Align" on top not work.
  8. I am sorry my wrong and misunderstand, I have low vision. Let me Remake and show you again. I have low vision. There is the same word align object and other align text sorry.
  9. I am tried align not work while select object I show you picture. Same arrange too not work.
  10. April 3, 2020 Recent update App Store for iPad Pro Generation 3 12.9" Document menu > Canvas > Clip to Canvas is bug still. See picture
  11. Please work on Dark Mode while open file and everything. I hate too bright light mode. Affinity Designer.app Affinity Photo.app Affinity Publisher.app All of app March 17, 2020 See picture https://imgur.com/gallery/vcduCMp Both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo. and https://i.imgur.com/PEOEm7I.jpg
  12. See new feedback 1.8 this link I send them feedback suggest.
  13. Right now update recent 1.8x right now all of Affinity app for Macintosh. Customize Tool... Enlarge Tool February 29, 2020 I made screenshoit.app for Mac. You see 2 picture. Need add feature for size tools can be enlarge tools. See previous version 1.7x
  14. iPad Pro Generation 3 iPadOS 13.4 Model Name: iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (3rd generation) Model Number: MTJ02LL/A See youtube Click this link Open Affinity Designer.app New document 5000x5000 pixels and 300 Click (Document icon) menu > Canvas > Clip To Canvas cause look weird some bug.
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