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  1. PeterSvancar

    New Batch Job Parallel Processing

    can some DEV really comment on this if they are aware of the issue and when it could be fixed?
  2. PeterSvancar

    New Batch Job Parallel Processing

    hello, was this bug already fixed? The parallel processing is not working for me under Mojave
  3. PeterSvancar

    Imac 2015 5k perfomance raw

    ok, thanks for the explanation. The panorama file is 105MP the activity monitor i had set to memory pressure but CPU is skyrocket as well...few % of performance could be draw by quicktime screen recording. brush_lag.mov
  4. PeterSvancar

    Imac 2015 5k perfomance raw

    Hello, i am experiencing bad performance in RAW developer in any rendering settings (openGL, openGL basic, Metal, software is totally unusable) for every change i see that the picture is updated by sectors. Bad performance is as well when i create for raws panorama stich and want brush a mask layer only to apply curves for sky for example. This brush has a second delay, which is not smooth i believe. CPU usage skyrocket. RAWs are 24MP JPG processing have no issues at all. i7 4ghz 32gb ram R9 395 2gb vram all software up to date affinity.mov

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