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    x3f sigma cameras support

    Hi Gabe: Yes, the X3F files will load. However, the initial rendering in Affinity Photo is much different than the initial rendering of the same file in the Sigma raw developer. I have already discussed such with support who confirmed the same findings. The Affinity engineers are examining the issues involved. One of the main problems is also the inability of Affinity to completely removed chromatic aberration and fringing in the X3F files whilst such removal is easily accomplished in SPP. As you inferred above, I would suspect that the lenses on the dpQuattro models I have are not supported. Venyer: I would strongly suggest that until the excellent engineers at Affinity can work through issues with the X3F files that you consider using the most up to date version of Sigma Pro Photo. It your Sigma camera supports DNG files then I suspect such will be well rendered in Affinity.
  2. Ilya Martinovich

    x3f sigma cameras support

    I have tried a few X3F Sigma RAW files which indeed will open in Affinity via the Develop tool. Very early testing suggests that the rendering of the luminosity and color tones is considerably different from that provided by Sigma Pro Photo used to develop the same files. Such might suggest that the RAW developing paradigms ( which of course will differ in all RAW developing programs ) by Affinity is different from the approach taken by Sigma in their SPP program. Note that I am not saying that the approach is wrong, but simply different. I need to evaluate additional X3F files. The DNG Sigma files were opened in Affinity as well and looked perfect. AFAIK, there are very few RAW programs ( if any others ) that have "profiled" the DNG files from the Sigma cameras. One can build one's own DNG profiles for some RAW developers. If color "perfection" is necessary then constructing bespoke profiles is advisable. However, for landscape photography colors can be completely interpretive and edited as desired. Consequently, it may well be that Affiniity and Sigma DNG will make an excellent combination. A question for Gabriel our Moderator: Are the DNG Sigma files opened according to a RAW developing approach directed specifically at the Sigma DNG files, or is Affinity simply using a "generic" DNG RAW developing paradigm? Ilya
  3. Ilya Martinovich

    x3f sigma cameras support

    Incidentally, AFAIK, the Merrill model cannot have a firmware update so as to photograph in DNG and can only use X3F.
  4. Ilya Martinovich

    x3f sigma cameras support

    The dpQuattro 0 and 2. Since the sensors on the sdQuattro models are the same one suspects that if the software will develop X3F from the dpQuattro cameras that the sdQuattro files will also be accessible. Referring of course to BOTH the native X3F RAW format that Sigma uses and the DNG files that the cameras can now encode. One can decide to use either or both when photographing. Can Affinity deal with both the DNG and the X3F?
  5. Ilya Martinovich

    x3f sigma cameras support

    Interesting question. One of the reasons I just purchased the softward was because a list of Sigma cameras are listed as being supported. I have one of the newer dpQuattro cameras and assumed that it is the Sigma DNG files that are supported Venya. As you no doubt are aware, the newer Sigma cameras can capture either X3F OR DNG. So, I too must ask: Are the native Sigma X3F files supported, or the Sigma DNG files-or most importantly, both file formats?

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