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  1. Hi Chris, I find it very strange that Windows software made by big companies (e.g. Adobe) have these problems when many open source programs (like digikam - which is a product made primarily for Linux) handle different monitors without problems. And it doesn't surprise me that Apple has addressed these issues.
  2. Primary screen: 3840x2160 (scaling 250%). Secondary screen: 1920x1200 (scaling 100%). I have only used my bigger secondary screen for Publisher work (mostly by opening existing documents), but I just opened Publisher on my primary screen and everything looked fine (unchecked the show screen option now). There seems to be a problem that should be addressed, though. PS. Publisher does not suffer from the scaling problems that some Adobe products do (apart from the size of the very large arrows on handles).
  3. When I start Affinity Publisher ( Beta) the Welcome Screen fills the entire screen and the program is totally unresponsive. I can only activate the program by opening a Publisher document from the file Explorer. There seems to be no way of stopping Publisher from starting with the Welcome Screen.
  4. Exactly my problem - which is now solved Thanks!
  5. The thing is that my BodyPlakat style comes out italicised even though italic seems to be off in the BodyPlakat style definition dialogue. Sure, I can change that afterwards but then the style is not to much use.
  6. I attached the file above. If it makes sense, please move the discussion (it seems that other users have experienced the same problem in Publisher, so my file may be one too many).
  7. Oh, sorry. I should be in the Publisher forum...
  8. Do you mean the *.afpub file? Fisk_MÃ¥ling_V0.01.afpub
  9. Here you are. Best, Harpenstreng
  10. Font insists on being italic no matter what I do. Style settings keeps telling me that italic is off and font trait is regular.