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  1. VR_State

    Latest Affinity releases on each platform by store

    Updated my ADe for iPad to 1.6.3 a couple days ago, as there was barely any info (bug fixes)on appstore...anything more specific? thx!!!
  2. VR_State

    Convert vector brushes to raster?

    Hey!!! Thanks for the hints, reallly! I’ve been in contact via email with the author also, now i see, i understand now. I’ll try this technique he’s using, something new to learn every day. Thanks again for your help! Regards, VR
  3. Hey there, New here and to AFD ipad aswell. I’ve bought a brush set thinking it was a raster brush set and it’s a vector one. I’ve seen that one can’t really sketch or paint in the same way you qould on pixel persona, with this kinda “circling effect” it does on stroke corners. So i was wondering if there’s a way to convert vector brushes to raster brushes so i could use them the same way i would in procreate. Looking at the pictures the author(Sav Scatola) of the set did with them, i can’t really understand how he did them.... http://boxy.co.uk/ thanks in advance! vR