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  1. Thank you So it’s strange to have them in vector mode. Becouse i can’t work with them.
  2. Will be very helpful to have these instruments. blob brush for drawing and to have option continue shape like with pencil. and Erase tool to erase some parts of illustration. Because now it’s really big problem to erase.
  3. I have some problem. i can’t merge 2 my shapes. I see endless loading and that’s all. I use iPad Pro 9.7
  4. Yes. Now it’s impossible. I can do it only with pencil.
  5. Thank you for this amazing App. But I think solid brushes options are very poor. Will be very nice if we could modify the start and end of a stroke. To make it more sharp for example. Yes I can do it with pressure. But if I want to draw with the same sharp strokes I can’t do it.
  6. Hi! i have some problem with textured brushes. i can expand solid brushes and when I open file with them in ADobe Illustrator all is ok. but when I use textured brushes ( standard or custom created ) I can’t expand them. And when I open file with them in Adobe Illustrator they are like images. Can you help me with this?
  7. I think I can find all in video What dimension do you use for your png files with? I did in 2000 x 2000 and when I tried to add them in AD it was almost dead hehe. I think because of big dimension
  8. Thank you so much for your help What format I need to use for import? Couse I work in Adobe Illustrator.
  9. Hi guys! Maybe you can help me? i can’t find how to delete some part of illustration in vector mode. for example if I want to delete this part of my work. How can I do it? Before this I was working in AI and there it’s very easy to do.
  10. Yes. For me will be nice to have such options. Because now I can’t use AD for my work. for example in Graphic (vector app) they have brushes like this.
  11. Akim

    Problem with Brush Stroke Ending

    I have the same problem. Can’t modify brushes like this. Hope AD team add something to do it.
  12. Or it will be nice if I could modify brushes like in Procreate to have effect I need.
  13. But I need to use many different types of strokes like this. And it’s not comfortable always to change options every time. i want to create different types and then draw with them
  14. I need to use in my works brushes like these for woodcut effect. unfortunately I can’t modify brushes like this and i can’t use brushes pressure in stroke menu. I can use it only for pencil. But I need to create different brushes and use them without pressure of my Ipencil. I thought it’s bug that I can’t modify brushes pressure in stroke menu. But support told me that it’s not a bug. That it’s correct. So I’m really upset and for me AD is absolutelly unusful without such options.

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