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  1. Please help! Its the third time my ipad has crashed - I selected 4 of the logos in the uploaded image to change the colour from grey to red. It froze as soon as i selected the red colour. ive had to redo this 3 times! Thanks in advance :)
  2. Creativeelc

    Guides really buggy

    Hey Callum! Thank you so much for letting me know have a good day!
  3. Creativeelc

    Guides really buggy

    Hi there, I’ve taken some screen shots of what I’m on about. Ive been making my own guide templates for a book I’m designing. The guides are a bit buggy and jump on their own accord - on the first art board its fine, no buggy movement - but when it comes to the next art board it becomes near impossible to set the guides up right. When you click to add a vertical line it immediately goes straight into the middle of both art boards - then when you try to bring the guide line into the 2nd art board it zips back and forth on its own. I tried dropping a line onto the 2nd art board but then i cannot manoeuvre it into place - you cannot reselect it. This is going to annoy me if it happens on every single art board. Is there a way to set it up for the 1st board and then duplicate to the rest. I have 10 in total. hopefully this all makes sense
  4. Hi, I’ve read through most of the posts and i really would love to have a grid system built within the programme too. But, as thats not happening (if it ever will) i did some digging round to find something to help create a template for me so i could at least upload it into Inifnity. https://taramparam.github.io/Gridder/ It’s a nice simple little webpage - you can download the created template and then upload into infinity. I traced over the image with the grid lines. Hope this helps some folks
  5. Creativeelc

    iPad Pro version crashing loads!

    Hi Andy, its been crashing loads again today! I can see that when copying and pasting from another file - within the same app - it doesn’t like certain elements that I’m copying and pasting. But then today it keeps freezing when I’m nudgin shapes and resizing shapes. What is annoying is that I cant send any notes of when the app crashes - on the mac an error box pops up for you to enter what you were doing at that crash point. It would be helpful to have something like that within the app. Anyway, id appreciate some help. Cheers
  6. Creativeelc

    iPad Pro version crashing loads!

    hello everyone, This morning - last hour and a bit - my iPad app has crashed about 3 times. I’m in the middle of a big job and really need some help as i’ve Had to redo loads of work as it doesn’t save my last session before it stops working. Thanks for any help
  7. Awesome stuff - ill give it a go! Thanks for your time
  8. Hi ya, thank you for your quick reply. The only problem is I don’t actually own the desktop version. I’ve found sites that sell affinity brushes and because the iPad version is relatively new i thought I could use those said brushes on this app. Seeing that I can’t - without exporting them from a desktop version - I wanted to know if there was a way round it? anyway I really appreciate your time! emma ☺️
  9. Hi ya, I bet I’ve missed this topic - but is there a way to upload Affinity Designer desktop brush sets to the iPad app? It’s probably not achievable - I thought I’d ask. I think I’ll have to create my own. Thanks for any info that is given!
  10. Creativeelc

    Mediocre apple pencil performance

    I’ve had the same problem the last few days. I’ve had to make the iPad forget the pencil then reconnect it again. When painting and selecting brushes it’s not recognised the difference in the brushes. A little odd and buggy.
  11. Creativeelc

    Font manipulation

    Just gave it a try! I like this actually - this is much better than sloppily moving it around. Having the nodes gives you the chance to sculpt it. Thank you again
  12. Creativeelc

    Font manipulation

    Ah yes! That’s great — Thanks so much for this I will have a go!
  13. On Photoshop you can use the keyboard - command D - that would be a nice addition to Affinity.
  14. I think I’ve seen someone make a request to adjust, morph, bend etc their fonts like Photoshop - currently trying to work out how you make a word skew. It’s probably there but I haven’t seen any tutorials for it.
  15. I love my fonts and the ability to search quickly and easily. Sadly this feature isn’t available on the iPad version - not sure if it does on the desktop - in photoshop the font name is editable to help find it. I have a good few hundred. It’s a bit of a pain having to remember exactly where it is - especially when its a new font and i cant fully remember the name. Will this feature happen?