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  1. I'm using Affinity Photo as my primary editor (no Photoshop), which is not directly supported by the Craft keyboard backpack. Nonetheless, as far as I understand, individual apps can be configured to work with the dial. I was wondering, if anyone has experience with AP and the Craft, and in particular, if it is possible to hover e.g. over a slider in an application like AP and then adjust that slider with the dial?
  2. rom the actual Wacom tablet model lines, only the Intuos Pro models support a bigger L size here, in contrast to that the plain Intuos line only supports S and M sizes. Further from the cheaper Intuos line only the models Art and 3D are available in M sizes. - This limits the model decisions a) size wise and b) price wise, since the cheaper models which fall into your max budget category aren't available with an active A4 area size (L size), these are just available to max A5 active area sizes (M size). I have an older Wacom ONE M size model which works Ok so far, but it's used mostly on Macs here (thus OSX drivers) and might behave differently under Win with Win drivers. Of course there are also tablets from other brands available, often cheaper here, but can't tell which one would work fine here with the Affinity products on Win/Mac and also be of similar quality and thus a good alternative.
  3. Have same issue with my camera Nikon D700. Can you share detail solution to PM <-- Please Have trouble to set up it. Thanks
  4. These things say more about the status of a person. Like headphones "Beats by Dre" or "Iphone".I myself adhere to the opinion that expensive does not always justify investing! Jon
  5. I am trying to post this by email to DJI drone support.... however, they provide you with a list of their products which your support ticket pertains to..All their products are there aside from the Mavic Air...??and its a required field.... how daft is that?
  6. This also not support raw files on the Canon 77D camera. I shot a bunch of pictures in raw format and downloaded them onto my Mac. I could see the thumbnail just fine and they appeared to download, but when I went to view them, I got this greyed out exclamation point. Took me awhile to figure out what was wrong, because I have never encountered this before. It will download jpegs just fine. Unlucky!
  7. Hello, I've been taking some photo's with my new GoPro Hero 5 (my first GoPro) and I see that the RAW images are not DNG but GPR format... I can't open these in Photoshop (I don't have LightRoom) and when I try to convert them with Adobe DNG converter it says that they are not a supported format? Can someone help my out please?
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