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  1. Not sure if this is in the correct forum location. I find the forum setup at present quite confusing. In the original Serif forum, there was a general area for introduction and discussion. Then each programme had its own heading making it easy to search, find and post in a particular subject. You can tell from my comments that I am not a specialist, just a user. It would help considerably if, In todays forums, perhaps a separate section forum for each of the suite, Designer, Photo and Publisher could be made. In each suite heading, a further breakdown for the specific operating systems, windows, ios, and tablet etc. Questions at present are quite specific to particular versions of the programmes, but are hap-hazard in their location. Revision to each programme of the suite would help to maintain a logical progression for a search and view. Ross
  2. Hello to everyone. I'm now a silver serif. I used serif PagePlus when it was first issued in 1987, working my way through all Serif programmes. PagePlus, DrawPlus, PhotoPlus and MoviePlus. Enjoyed them all. Retired and used Page Plus to produce my two books. When Serif discontinued the legacy programmes, I was one of the 'miffed'. Did not really connect with the Affinity programme. I'm now eating my words. Serif is back, and better, with the Affinity suite. I've used the beta programmes and have enjoyed re-learning the basics of Photo and Publisher. Really impressed with Publisher. Have now seen the interview with Ashley Hewson and understand what he and Serif have been working toward. Thank you to all at Serif. Guess what my Christmas present to me will be? Regards Ross
  3. Hello. Ross here. Been looking through this post. Lost of old members from the original forums. Lots of new members. Good to be part of the Serif system again. Regards to all Ross
  4. Not sure if I am in the right forum. I have used Serif programmes since 1985 and upgraded continuously until retirement and used the programmes for pleasure. I notice that affinity is now due to offer a 'publisher'. Will this be backwardly compatible with the Serif legacy Pagemaker Plus? Ross
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