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  1. Mellon

    Kernel panic while saving

    It happened again... The steps: Lightroom Edit Photo in external editor: Affintiy Photo, filetype PSD CMD-S while working on the image without a problem "Save over imported PDS files" is enabled On closing the app window prompt to save the project as .afphoto file I hit don't save –> the whole system crashed, kernel panic screen I believe this happened with tiff files as well. I attached the apple crash report but I don't think it is helpful. crash.rtf
  2. Mellon

    Kernel panic while saving

    the files are not locked. I can write to them. Only sometimes, very rarely the whole system crashes. I can open the same file later and it works without a problem.
  3. Mellon

    Kernel panic while saving

    every crash was a different file. The files are linked in a Lightroom catalogue. Maybe the issue is caused because both apps try to access the same file simultaniously.
  4. My Mac OS system sometimes crashes completely while saving a file in Affinity Photo. It happened on my old 2011 Macbook Pro with an older version of Mac OS as well as on the (almost) latest late 2017 MacBook Pro with HighSierry Mac OS 10.13.6. It happened about 5 times already, so it seems to be a real issue. It doesn't matter what file I'm saving to: .psd, .tiff, .afphoto I can't reproduce the problem. It just suddenly happens.

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