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  1. Hey Sean P, I will keep that in mind while reworking my assets. I will adapt the above mentioned points in my project file. Then I will be able to continoue working on the mocks. Thanks you so much again! Can I remove the file from dropbox (as they are "company components / designs") or do you or the development still need the link? Best regards, ToM
  2. Hey Sean P, thank you so much for looking into it. Good to know about current issue regarding the assets. And yes I do use a lot of pixel layers, either in my assets as in my project files. I wanted to rework my assets anyway, so this might be the right time :p I stripped down the project file to the minimum where the error still occurs. I recognized that it might be related to the "table" layer and its children... Is there anyway I can handle it differently to keep AD from crashing? E.g. moving everything to the parent layer? Unfortunetly, I wasn't able to upload the files here. They were stucked in the status "Queued", so I uploaded that on dropbox. Hope that is fine. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9smsfmrm9vl9bmu/AD62484-memory-issues-win10.zip?dl=0 Thanks again! Best regards, ToM
  3. Dear Serif / Affinity Team, thanks for the incredible Affinity Designer Tool. I enjoy to work with it very much. After a few months of inactivity, I continoued working on a few mockups for an application. My setup: OS: Win 10 64-Bit Affinity Designer PC Hardware: HP Z Book 15 G3: i7-6820HQ 2,7 GHZ, 16 GB RAM Unfortunetly the allocated memory of Affinity Designer increases rapidly and keeps the OS busy until Affinity Designer crashes or my PC crashes (including Bluescreen). When I started Affinity Designer with my Assets (assets file ~38 MB), it already allocates round about 5GB of RAM. When I load my mockups additionally, the total allocated RAM goes up to the full 16 GB. (12 GB by Affinity Designer). The project file is about 26 MB or 41 MB big. After that I removed my assets to see if Affinity behaves differently. Unfornetly, when opening my project file, the allocated RAM rises again up to 16 GB (~14 GB by Affinity Designer). Are there any restrictions regarding the filesize? How can I improve the behaviour to work again? Hope to hear from you! Thanks in advance. Best regards, Tom
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