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  1. A lot off design pros've gone off Adobe becuase of the way Adobe're going about things I paid fifty quid for a key for photoshopl elements but after some aggro I got it up and running but on the splash screen I was told to download a free thirty day trial. I wasn't very amused.
  2. I thought with this Corona virus floating about I'd do a bit of art based on it.
  3. It was the QL and the C5 that destroyed Sinclair as a company and if Sir Clive Sinclair hadn't fallen out with Chris Curry, they could have been bigger/ All I did was remove the DELL logo
  4. Just downloaded some new brushes and they were loaded into Affinity designer but I can't find them.
  5. Any 1980s retro computing fans on here? NEW SINCLAIR.afphoto
  6. Thought add a few effects to a night photo
  7. The original version was better animated, Yellow Submarine style
  8. I used:- Xara photo and graphic designer for the bird and background A paintshop pro 2019 plug in called Particle Shop for the smoke effect (you SHOULD see what you can do with the other brushes it offers) and Affinity Designer for the rest
  9. I thought that as the photo had been taken on a hot day, why not add a 'hallucination'? The bird was clip art from Xara and Photo graphic designer, the flame trail was done in the Particle Shop plug in for PSP and the adjustment to the photo colour was done in Affinity Photo The flight of the phoenix.afphoto
  10. I swear this was not edited and is a genuine photograph taken with a rablet PC's camera,
  11. I've used this in some fiction I've written. The bird's supposed to be a phoenix and Barley's a part of Manchester and is a mascot for a bar called The Birley Phoenix . What I did was import the clipart from Xara Photo And Graphic Designer and change the colour. FICTIONAL BAR MASCOT.afdesign
  12. You tried these:- WWW.Urbanfonts.com WWW.DAFONT.Com WWW.1001Fonts.com Good if you want to add Egyptian hieroglyphs (Nakht and Greywolf Gylphs're good), Aztec glyphs, runes or Lovecraftian text to your art work.
  13. That's what else I use. Serif're a British company and Xara're also British but now owned by a German company called MAGIX but they still do good music creation software.
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