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    ianrb got a reaction from Pattou in Panorama/manual HDR / collage   
    All the best for 2019
    mostly done in Affinity -- +Lr5. 
    Not going to add too much here as I'm just putting a few thoughts to the test for better Panoramas and Manual hrd/blending as done in the top images. Hoping to share a few ideas sometime this year lol 
    the panorama is west to east ; around 160 degrees. Around 6 -8 Pana Fz300 raw files . Handheld btw
    Starting to get the old head around Ap; yet there is so much I still need to get up to speed on 
    Questions are welcome

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    ianrb got a reaction from Alfred in Saving an edited picture. Should I flatten?   
    Thanks mate; there are still a few things I need to sort about the forum software --- Fixx's quoted started about 8 hours early lol. 
      I will give backspace a try although I'm pretty sure I would have done so --- not overly important --- will give me something to do next year
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    ianrb reacted to John Rostron in Straighten problem in Aff Photo in Windows   
    I use a similar method to that of @ianrb. However, I first use the crop tool to make a narrow rectangle that encloses the line I want to straighten. I then rotate as @ianrb does, and then I expand the crop region to suit.
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    ianrb got a reaction from HVDB Photography in Clone Brush Tool   
    thanks for that idea -- something new
    Just to add > a layer mask can be used on the blank layer to lighten/remove the clone effect
    Good one; and just when I thought I knew it all lol
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    ianrb reacted to HVDB Photography in Clone Brush Tool   
    The only abnormalities I see is that :
    - you made a copy of the background layer
    - a 32 px brush size is very small
    - with  Source : "Current Layer & Below" selected, the cloning will affect both layers !
    Try the following :
    - delete de duplicate layer
    - add a new (blank) pixel layer on top and keep it active (= a non-destructive working method)
    - keep Source : "Current Layer & Below" selected
    Then restart cloning and see what happens .
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    ianrb reacted to HuniSenpai in 'Replace Colour' - How? (Affinity Photo)   
    In the layers panel, make sure to re-select the background layer before doing "select sampled color" again, as I said in my previous post. Here's a walk through I just made for you
    Let me know if this works for you :)! 
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    ianrb reacted to Gnobelix in colour panel default colours   
    or click ALT + X
    The default is the shortcut ALT + X

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    ianrb reacted to RLGL in lighting Question   
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    ianrb reacted to R C-R in Saving an edited picture. Should I flatten?   
    If you try to close the document without saving it, you should get a warning message with three buttons, Don't Save, Cancel, & Save. If you click the Save button, you should immediately get another warning message with these three buttons:

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    ianrb got a reaction from jmwellborn in Lock island christmas day morning   
    before and after -- these are the more advanced edits, however there are other new basic edited pics on my Fb page; photos by ian browne -- or Flickr
    how does it look with the original pasted onto edited photo?
    What is better ; one photo per thread or several as here?
    Pana Fz300 
    Questions welcome 

    Grass in front of the river water

    The same tree

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    ianrb got a reaction from Alfred in lighting Question   
    a good subject for bracketing 
    the first edit I would do is crop out most of the 'pop belly'.  

    Your biggest drama is the lights are somewhat overexposed ; however you will be able to rescue some of that in the raw file 
    Would seem 'shadow/highlight' worked well enough in this edit --- I have also used curves to balance out the light and darks  but it's rather limited with a small jpeg . 
    This will give you some ideas --- maybe crop out the belly and one light --- and a bit from the bottom --- use two layers > one darkened/one lightened > blend the two together --- likely getting a bit ahead of you now 
    Happy to answer questions were I can 

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    ianrb got a reaction from sf2000 in Advice for a rookie Sun damaged photo Please Help   
    often easier, quicker, better to convert to black and white 
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    ianrb reacted to R C-R in Tagging photos   
    There are no tagging features built into the Affinity apps, other than in the EXIF Studio panel in Affinity Photo, but that is limited to editing the EXIF Image Description tag.
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    ianrb got a reaction from SrPx in Christmas day might be ok!   
    Christmas day might be ok; not too sure about after that !! 
    Two file used, including the background -- another that evolved as I fiddled around 
    Thanks for your help to understand the Affinity way

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    ianrb reacted to bill hansen in high pass sharpening   
    Thanks to everyone who replied - sorry for this much delayed Thanks - no excuse except that I haven't been back to this forum for a while. I've viewed the "5 ways to sharpen" a few times, and now I think I understand how to sharpen in AP. 
  16. Haha
    ianrb got a reaction from VectorWhiz in No wonder there is nothing on TV   
    No wonder there is nothing on TV ---- it's broken free and the driver is still asleep .Talk about a magic carpet ride!! 
    Not sure about elsewhere; but in Australia there is a 2-3 month non-rating period, so basically TV is really **** from November to late February

    This pic is far more complicated than it looks because of the big blue sky . This the original file --- "easier" to swap an Australian  blue sky than match it 

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    ianrb reacted to R C-R in Grids and guides questions   
    What are you trying to do that would require you to do that? Just select the object with the Move Tool (the one with the black arrow icon) & drag it. As long as you don't drag on a selection handle (or the rotation center if it is visible) you can move the object to wherever you want. Use the various snapping options available in the Snapping Manager if needed to align the object to something else in the document.
    The tool with the white arrow icon is the Node Tool. It is used to modify or add nodes to a vector object.
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    ianrb reacted to R C-R in Grids and guides questions   
    It is not possible to change the starting point of grids & rulers in the current 1.6 retail versions, but it is possible in the 1.7 customer betas, so that feature should be available when the 1.7 retail updates are released.
    Guides cannot be converted to artwork. You can use snapping to center artwork on the document centerlines -- just make sure "Snap to spread" & "Include spread mid points" are enabled in the snapping manager. Alternately, in the Guides Manager click the "Percent" checkbox & enter 50% to place a guide on a document centerline, or use snapping to center one dragged out from the ruler.
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    ianrb reacted to Omprakash Selvaraj in New York City and Affinity   
    Yeah. Both version in the post. 
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    ianrb reacted to Callum in workflow question   
    Hi Ianrb,
    It is hard for me to recreate this myself as this version of the image is quite low quality however this should be possible using the Invert and Black and White adjustments if you are able to provide the original file I should be able to create a video for you
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    ianrb reacted to Omprakash Selvaraj in New York City and Affinity   
    Thank you ianrb. You are spot on. I was wondering something was missing from very beginning. Yes. More contrast makes this shot even more beautiful. Thank you!
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    ianrb got a reaction from Smee Again in Couple of fun images ...   
    i like the second one
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    ianrb got a reaction from SrPx in broken heart at the church steps   
    started from here and it was at a church --- we better not mention the WB lol

    And we finished here just by fiddling with buttons and sliders 

    Honest thoughts and question welcome, although I have no idea to how     
    possibly just as much about noticing an object that could be a photo to practice editing
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    ianrb got a reaction from Omprakash Selvaraj in New York City and Affinity   
    nicely done. I'm guessing that is a popular spot for such photos 

    going be the image on my scene, I feel a little darker/more contrast could be added  (??)
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    ianrb reacted to ‚Markus Einspannier in Strange Relationship,   
    Here is one of my Composings I made on the iPad Pro and affinity phot
    i have also a YT Video online 
    have a nice Weekend and greetings 
    from Germany 
    YT link:


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