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    AD Win, open images floating, not docked?

    Thanks for the answer, but I find this very strange. Are there at least plans to have such an option in the future? P.S.: I suppose you made a typo, but I want them to be UNdocked all the time.
  2. Hi, a friend is getting married soon and she sent out invitation cards with a certain design. The cards are store-bought and on heavy paper with a strong structure. She asked me, if I could help her out and make namecards for the table and menus in the same design. Since this is strictly non-commercial, non-profit and will only be seen by a handful of people at this very wedding, I scanned the main component to use it. Of course because of the paper it turned out not so good. I don't know the correct english term, but maybe blotchy or something? You see the structure of the paper and the print in the scan. Is there a way to even the colored areas out, without too much manual work and while keeping sharp borders? It is meant to be grungy with the broken lines, but the colored areas should be an even blue. It is way too big and complicated to vectorize it by hand or manually paint over every area. I attach a small sample of the design, you will see what I mean. And idea how to do this in AP? Thanks!
  3. LostInTranslation

    Need help cleaning up scan

    Wow, this is a fantastic function, I had no idea. I was able to make it way, way better already, but I might have taken it too far and introduced lots of artifacts as mentioned in the second part of the video. Will try again and be more careful. I am pretty sure I will get it to a point where it is usable. The whole image is ~2800x2800 pixels now, which is far bigger than I need it. First FFT, then resize should do the trick.
  4. Hi, I learned that not only I have problems with the pen tool in AD. When is an update due and will AD/AP remind me by itself of it? Help > About just gives me the current version, but no way of checking for update?
  5. LostInTranslation

    How to get rid of "magenta fadeout"?

    YES, that works. thank you!
  6. Hi, sometimes when deselecting objects in AD, they get a magenta outline and "fade out", rather than just become deselect. I find this extremely annoying, how can I get rid of this behaviour? Looked through the preferences, but did not find anything. Thanks for any help.
  7. LostInTranslation

    How to get rid of "magenta fadeout"?

    Hi Gabe, before my post, I googled it and found exactly that. "Show Snapping Candidates" is definitely turned OFF, it still happens Try this: Create two rectangles of any size. Select both and group them. Then click somewhere other to deselect them. Instead of just be deselected in an instant, both rectangles will be outlined in magenta then slowly fade into being deselect. Select and deselect the same group again and it will not happen any more. I don't know how to record that into a video, but follow my description and you will see. When I open any of the "UI sheets" of Grade UI Kit and klick on any element, this will happen too. "Show Snapping Candidates" still OFF!