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  1. I completely agree. The brush studio seems flawed in its implementation -- at least to Procreate where you can much more easily see what brush you are using. As noted when using Brush Studio 1. Select Brush -- it is highlighted 2. Change any setting such size -- it is no longer highlighted 3. Return settings to original -- still does not highlight 4. Brush Name Not Shown -- it also hard to know since you cannot remember a name, unless, as noted, you go and fuss with the advanced dialogs for the brush. Hovering will show the name, but as I am using a Wacom Cintiq this is agonizing hard to do. I find this exceedingly frustrating as I am doing digital art. Makes me want to look at other programs to see if they are better suited to digital art workflows. My hope with Affinity is a single product between macOS and iOS ... but even something as "trivial" as this is a huge amount of friction to me -- especially as is only one of 3 studios I really care about: 1) brushes, 2) layers, 3) colors.
  2. I have noticed that the brush is highlighted in the Brush studio view -- up and until I make any modifications (e.g. size). At that point, I have no idea what brush I'm using. It would be awesome to keep everything highlighted up and until I materially change the brush type. Otherwise, am I missing something? For point of reference, I'm trying to move from Procreate.app and iPad Pro to Affinity Photo on iPad and Mac OS X to have a more complete workflow. But I'm finding Affinity Photo -- while functionality rich, sufficiently usability poor (this is a big one) -- that I'm stumbling making the transition. I'm assuming the issue may be my lack of familiarity with the application, though.
  3. wwvuillemot

    Input Offset

    I reset the preferences for that canvas to factory defaults. Unfortunately I have been unable to since reproduce — which is frustrating since I would love to be reliably reproduce and then correct to share our to dev team. Minimally thank you for helping me get unblocked.
  4. wwvuillemot

    Input Offset

    I am having a repeated issue using Affinity Designer on iPad. No matter the tool. No matter the input device. No matter the zoom or image format. I cannot draw without a 0.5” offset. Here is a video of the issue. Inhave tried quitting the app. Restarting the iPad. I am using iOS public beta 3, iPad Pro 12.9” first gen, Affinity Designer 1807F9BF-A271-48A0-BBC4-0EB465095521.MOV
  5. wwvuillemot

    Scaling Raster Help

    Thank you -- I just figure that out independently. I appreciate you taking the time to share! I am not as familiar with Photoshop and other desktop apps? Or specific to Affinity? It just seems unintuitive to me, but that may be not appreciating some complexities. I still get the weird display issues, but that may be a result of iOS12 Beta R5 ... Note, I tried Affinity Photo from my macOS and do not see the same display issues. FWIW, I am trying to find a good desktop app as I want to graduate away from iPadPro 12.9" to something larger ... but I find Procreate.app so sexy (easy) to use, that every time I try another app that I could use on the desktop I come into workflow issues. And I would love to just the same app on iOS and macOS thus why I am test driving Affinity.
  6. wwvuillemot

    Scaling Raster Help

    I can flip and rotate, but nothing else. And see how the display aberration seems to shrink when I zoom out. I cannot tell if the canvas shrunk, or this just some display artifact.
  7. wwvuillemot

    Scaling Raster Help

    I noticed I had the wrong layer selected in the screenshots. But that does not materially change anything. I cannot scale the selection. And whenever I select all I get the display artifacts.
  8. Hi, I feel like an idiot. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to select a portion of the raster layer to scale it, and or move it. This is monsterously trivial with Procreate ... I am into hour two without any luck. I also get some nasty changes to the display when I select all. First image shows the layer and canvas. The second one shows what happens I click “Select All”. Note how the canvas gets partly inverted. And there is nothing I can do to scale the selection. And nothing under the transform studio will do anything. Desperate. And a little bummed that this is as obtuse as it is. Thanks in advance, Ward
  9. Updated to latest from App Store. Sluggish is now gone.

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