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  1. Make the import of HTML files possible. Would be a really great feature!
  2. Importing simple Word documents (just text) seems to work. But I've tried to import (drag & drop) a Word document with tables, images, etc. Then Publisher crashes. I add a sample Word document as an attachment. Drag & drop it on a page and see the crash. 01 - Entwurf - AFG und Heißgetränke.docx
  3. marksheldon

    PDF Export Problem

    If I export this design (see attached .afdesign) to PDF the picture on the right gets lost. I don't know why. If I choose another export format, it works! My Affinity Designer version is Innenseite.afdesign Innenseite.pdf
  4. That was exactly the function I was looking for ... thank you very much
  5. It would be very nice to have a function to select all text objects / text layers in a document. So it would be very easy possible to convert all these selected text objects / text layers into curves.