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  1. Hey Jet, that's exactly what I was thinking about but didn't know about this thread Let's just wait for it sooner or later to be released then...
  2. That solved the issue for me! Thanks Sean. Could you explain what the High Precision Input actually does? I did not notice a major difference after a few test scribbles.
  3. I'd like to see a feature comparabale to Illustrator where you can rotate, scale and move a set of selected anchor points from a given pivot Point. Right now, rotating only part of a path is quite a tedious task, whereas in AI it's a matter of seconds. This feature would be even more useful if the adjacent anchor Points which are not selected would transform proportionally to keep a smooth shape.
  4. Hey there, today I noticed quite an unusual behaviour when working with Affinity Photo on Windows 10 and my Wacom Intuos Pro: I cannot close or drag floating palettes in AP as the cursor will skip the titlebar of said palettes. Does anyone also have this problem? I've attached a screen-grab for clarification. Thank you for your help! David ap-bug001.webm
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