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  1. I have tried Affinity Design today with my Surface Pro 4 and it is really good, but I feel the same like other people here. The Surface Pen is almost useless on the Surface Pro and the touch interface is buggy. You cannot use your menus with your finger, just the pen, you cannot rotate the canvas and there is no way to undo in a easy way. Even the color selector is not working with the pen (I have read it is fixed in the non trial version). And also the mouse rightclick is not working with the Pen input so you cannot show the context menu from the pen. There is a huge lack of real Pen compatible apps on the Windows Market. Since 2 years ago I bought the Surface pro 4, I really want a good Pen experience as I had with Wacom to fill my expectations. It could not be possible I bought this tablet thinking about an all-in-one solution to forget Wacom tablets, but it only work good with windows apps like One Note, but not professional grade apps like yours. Please give us the reason to worth our Surface Pro Tablets Microsoft couldn't give us with an empty app market, 5 Surface generations later since first Surface pro. Thanks you for your awesome work.

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