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    OldGoat reacted to GarryP in Missing dictionary but all settings correct   
    I don’t think Designer comes with an en-ZA dictionary as standard. You may need to install one if you need it. (Someone else may have more information on that.)
    I’ve never seen this issue before as I only use English UK for a language but it might be possible that one or more Paragraph Styles and/or Character Styles styles have the language set differently to your machine or what you expect, see attached image. Might be worth checking to see if this is the case.

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    OldGoat reacted to SarahB in Missing dictionary but all settings correct   
    I had exactly this problem, except my missing dictionary was en-PT.
    Walt Farrell's solution was the winner for me -
    Try this:
    1. Edit Base and change the language.
    2. Click the hamburger icon for the Text Styles panel and then "Save Styles as Default".
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    OldGoat reacted to lacerto in Export to PDF print has large top margin when printed   
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    OldGoat reacted to MaxClass in Adding Vinyl Cut Line   
    As the author of the vinyl cutting Mac application of the past (“SignPost”) you will need to create a path that the vinyl cutter can follow to do the job.
    Since vinyl cutters are only interested in a path cut with a knife the stroke width you use is irrelevant so anything will do. Using a 1 point stroke is fine so you can see where it is.
    Not sure what format you will need to save the path information in but I imagine PDF should work fine.

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    OldGoat reacted to MEB in Adding Vinyl Cut Line   
    Hi claretnblue,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums,
    Create a duplicate of the object you want to outline, remove the fill, use the stroke width to define the offset distance for the outline.
    Then go to layer -> Expand Stroke and then to Layer - > Geometry -> Divide. This will create two shapes from the contour of the expanded stroke. Delete the internal shape and edit the other as you see fit.
    [EDIT] If it's more than one object you can duplicate all, remove the fills and perform an add boolean operation to create an object with the shape of the artwork, then proceed as described above.
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    OldGoat reacted to Joachim_L in Apply a style only to the image frame   
    Give the picture frame a fill (if possible).
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    OldGoat reacted to chakko007 in Option to rename batch processed files   
    it would be great if Affinity Photo could get an option to rename files you are batch processing, like many other picture editing programs have. E.g., i had the case today that i needed to resize a couple of pictures today, once in 600px height, once in 140px width. I didn't have to change the first batch of pictures, but, i needed a appendix "_thumbnails" for the others. Ended up doing it in Photoshop Elements, because Affinity Photo didn't let me rename the files when processing them as a batch.
    So, yeah, would love to have that in Affinity Photo. Cheers.
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    OldGoat reacted to gdenby in Manipulate text   
    AD does not yet have a mesh warp tool. Its on the road map, but no ETA. Photo does have a bit map mesh warp that can be used on rasterized text.
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    OldGoat reacted to MEB in asset contains missing fonts   
    Hi OldGoat,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums
    That's the San Francisco font used in the iOS interface (used in the iOS assets in Designer). More information here.
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    OldGoat got a reaction from Alfred in Introduce Yourself   
    You sir are a lifesaver. Did exactly what you suggested and have now repurchased.
    Also 2 other friends have also purchased the product due to my recommendations so in the end everyone wins
    Many thanks
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