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  1. I'm not sure. I am also just a user of Affinity having related issues as you.
  2. All exports from the export persona do not have denoise applied (opened with windows photo - does not work). The filter cannot be turned on or off for me - it is stuck off. My only work around right now is to export through the photo persona (instead of export), but I want to be able to apply slices. I would like to find out why these filters are not working on export persona from Affinity team.
  3. I'm actually having similar problem with denoise filter. I can turn the layer on and off in the photo persona, and all is fine. But in the export persona, turning it on or off does nothing - it stays off. See images -all export personas do not change noise levels.
  4. The problem that occurs is the white balance box selection tool does not line up with the cursor - but is offset some distance away. The workflow that creates this issue is as follows: 1) open raw file 2) crop image 3) attempt to box select white balance tool. If I do not crop the image first, white balance selection tool works as expected.
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