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  1. Hi Carl, Thanks for the reply. I did a check on the exported file. It seems like it merged the "adjustment layers" into one layer. Making the file un editable for other programs. I guess, what I am really asking is how can I get my Affinity Photo edited images into a file still editable for Adobe Photoshop. The significant file size drop indicates it removed some parts of the file.
  2. Hi, I am trying to export an .afphoto file as layered for an (adobe user) client. I understand that .tif is not an option for me so I tried using the PSD. However, when I export the file seem to reduce in size significantly. I've attached a screenshot so you can see the file size comparison. Original file size is 26MB, export size is around 4MB. Is there some setting I am missing so I can give my client an editable layered PSD file? Thanks.

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