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  1. Closer to what Erfandaardha had. Those blobs without lines are dots, and they also look weird. Everything was done with as little pressure as I can get (brush with huge so it's more noticeable).
  2. Sorry, it's the same one I last posted somewhere around here. Both in pixel and vector when I put the (apple) pencil to draw something with line weight or opacity controlled by pressure, it makes a blob. I'll post a picture. (sorry the bad calligraphy)
  3. I haven't used designer in a while waiting for the pressure bug to be fixed, I just updated to the latest and it's still here, wanted to be sure I'm not the only one with this issue
  4. theheratto

    Affinity Designer: Apple Pencil preassure bug.

    That's good! good luck!
  5. theheratto

    Affinity Designer: Apple Pencil preassure bug.

    Other apps work fine, Notes included.
  6. theheratto

    Affinity Designer: Apple Pencil preassure bug.

    I did not find a round brush so I made one: If this shouldn't be happening in pixel mode, maybe re-installing is the way to go?
  7. theheratto

    Affinity Designer: Apple Pencil preassure bug.

    I'm not sure if what I'm sending you is the correct thing but here it goes. Dynamics of the India ink brush (it shows better on that one) And just in case this is on the vector brush.
  8. theheratto

    Affinity Designer: Apple Pencil preassure bug.

    @GabrielM I haven't changed anything in the stroke studio.
  9. Hello, I haven't used the software for a while waiting for updates, now coming back I'm not sure if the bugs are only coming from my end. Besides the weird spikes and such on the vector brush, on both the pixel and the vector the initial pressure seems to be amplified every time, sometimes I have straight lines at the beginning too, can't replicate that one. This is the old iPad pro with Ios and Affinity updated. I post this in case it hasn't been posted here (couldn't find it), good luck! IMG_0031.TRIM.MOV
  10. theheratto

    A.D. Consistent lag on certain vector.

    I really hope it helps, good luck!
  11. theheratto

    A.D. Consistent lag on certain vector.

    Sure thing, be sure to move the arm, the other vectors work alright. Untitled Copy.afdesign
  12. theheratto

    A.D. Consistent lag on certain vector.

    Yea you seem to have a worse problem than mine though. If by a picture you mean video I'll try to attach it here ( i hope it shows alright ). I'm not sure if I understood what you meant by size but I'm working at 1024 x 1366, 144DPI. Edit 1: I forgot to say, there's a big chance the vector lags once there are a few nodes modified with the corner tool to soften them. I've been having that issue a little more (though not so bad) IMG_0013.TRIM.MOV
  13. Hello there. I have been using the app for a while and I've had "lag" on the movement of a vector before, but usually ends after I reboot the app or i'm just unable to recreate it. Right now I have a file that keeps lagging on one of the vectors, given that it's just a vector I can't really replicate. This vector I'm talking about isn't overcomplicated, neither is the file itself and also it's the only vector (i think) it's lagging like that. Should I paste the file here? I'm not sure how the modus operandi is.
  14. theheratto

    Affinity Designer crashes every 10 minutes

    I've had the same a few times today, didint happen before, might be problem with a new update? I was only working with 3 tools, node, pen tool, corner tool(with zoom and such of course). The thing is, when starts to happen it does once or twice and then stops, no aparent reason. (Ipad pro 2017)
  15. Ahh i see thanks alot!! I'm gonna watch more of those videos, very appreciated. The yellow line appears when i join two nodes of different or the same vector line. * probably i'm getting confused with the yellow node, thanks alot!

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