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  1. Any updates on MacOS/iOS SVG export compatibility?
  2. the number of nodes doesn't bother me, though they should be the same in both exports -- changing the width/height in the iOS export is the issue -- this is unusable in its current state, so looking forward to a new revision. as always, let me know if I can provide any further info or test the new release as the development team digs in I consider this issue still open
  3. I used the iOS app AnyFont to install Comic Sans on my iPad and re-opened the source file. I then selected some text and confirmed that Comic Sans had been applied like it was on MacOS. Upon export from the iPad, geometry is still the same -- huge! By completely different look, I'm referring to the image geometry, not the font. For example, on the MacOS export, the geometry is width="90px" height="380px", while from iOS it's width="375px" height="1584px" -- both from the beginning of <svg/> tag. What'd I miss? Even with font substitution, the geometry/scaling shouldn't change, only the font substitution, right? What next? I'm still hoping for an iOS/MacOS compatible workflow where I load my native project files and export .svg from either with the same/interchangeable results. Let me know if there's anything else I can do from my end to assist.
  4. I understand that saving export presets is on the feature request list already -- +1. I'm trying to manually produce the same export results. Here're screenshots from both MacOS (latest) and iPad (latest), and the iOS exported image geometry differs from same export on MacOS. How can I replicate my export svg settings from MacOS to iOS so I can export from either with consistent results? Regards, d00d

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