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    Amaroun reacted to ronnyb in How to change brush size with keyboard + mouse   
    Left and right square brackets [    ]  also do the trick...
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    Amaroun reacted to Old Bruce in How can I enable again breaking lines in texts frames   
    Make brand new Styles and then use Find and Replace to get rid of all the imported styles. A little bit of work at the beginning of the project and you'll cut down on a lot of problems.
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    Amaroun reacted to thomaso in How can I enable again breaking lines in texts frames   
    None of your 3 screenshots let me assume a line break should happen because all text frames have enough width not to break their displayed texts. So it's hard to judge. Also not showing the Special Characters (menu "Text") reduces the chance to detect a possible hint.
    For the second screenshot it is unclear what it actually shows. The displayed text seems to equal the containing text (there is no red overflow marker). So the vertical position can have quite a few reasons which shift the line down. Aside a line break and various style properties also a text frame inset can influence the text position inside its frame.
    If the lines don't break even if you reduce their frame width then check in the Character Panel if "No break" is activated. See the sample below: both frames contain identical text and style, the upper frame has "No break" ticked, the bottom frame doesn't.

    The relatively short summary of your style definition screenshots seems to imply that this style is based on another style which would contain more info in its style settings summary. This would also list a "No break" property.
    Regardless of possible issues eventually caused by a style import from IDML the recommendation of Old Bruce to entirely recreate the style in Affinity would at least have the advantage that you are forced to check every relevant style parameter. Although I can't say whether it is necessary here. I'd rather assume that IDML styles usually get imported without issues – or with issues that can easily get fixed.
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    Amaroun got a reaction from Old Bruce in Affinity Photo - Wacom Cintiq 16 - blinking sharpening   
    Solved: Retina Rendering in Preferences changed to High Quality and blinking stopped. 
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    Amaroun reacted to petrpastor in PDF digital signiture or lock editing   
    Hi Amaroun,
    I have been using PwerPDF Pro from Nuance It enables you all sorts of modifying on PDF files Digital signatures Locking of different functionality e.t.c.. I beleive Nuance has been recently acquired by Kofax.
    I hope this helps
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    Amaroun got a reaction from muelli75 in PDF digital signiture or lock editing   
    Is there any way how to basically protect your exported PDF file from Affinity software (mainly publisher)? Or is there any quick alternative?
    Thank you!
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    Amaroun reacted to walt.farrell in Hierarchical Table of content according to the new styles   
    Sorry, I'm still not sure I understand.
    The order in the TOC is:
    By Page Number. Headings on an earlier page are always before headings on a later page. Within a Page, by Layer order in the Layers panel (lower layers appear earlier in the TOC). Within a single Text Frame, by where the heading appears in the frame. And the ordering is also affected if you Pin a heading into a Text Frame. I don't recall how this works, though. If you're adding headings later, probably point 2 applies, and you need to make sure that you insert them the right place in the Layers panel. But point 4 may also apply. None of this is based on the hierarchy of the text styles.
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    Amaroun got a reaction from Snapseed in Astrophotography Editing in Affinity Photo   
    Great! Thank you!
    Btw Great sweatshirt!
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    Amaroun got a reaction from outgettingsubs in Astrophotography Editing in Affinity Photo   
    Great! Thank you!
    Btw Great sweatshirt!
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    Amaroun reacted to Patrick Connor in Downloadable Affinity keyboard shortcut cheat sheets   
    This Affinity Spotlight article has PDFs and souce files for the latest Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo Desktop keyboard shortcuts. 
    It is part of the Learning category that compliment the video tutorials  
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    Amaroun reacted to outgettingsubs in Astrophotography Editing in Affinity Photo   
    Hey guys,
    as a first video on my new channel, I created a tutorial for a basic astrophotography editing workflow in Photo. Hope some of you will find this helpful - any feedback appreciated!
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    Amaroun reacted to Sean P in SVG ticks on axis - error   
    Thanks for the file! This is actually a known issue and is caused by the 'opacity' attribute applied to the text elements. Unfortunately this attribute is being ignored when text is imported so the text is being made visible, instead of the opacity being correctly set at 0%. This is with development to be fixed.
    However in the meantime you could manually edit the SVG by doing a Find and Replace operation on opacity: 0 to fill-opacity: 0 and that will allow our importer to correctly set the right opacity to the text objects.
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    Amaroun reacted to Old Bruce in Affinity publisher - sections   
    Sections have nothing to do with ToC. Make a Paragraph Style, e.g. Chapter Head or Section and use that/those to set up your Toc. 
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    Amaroun reacted to Dan C in Affinity publisher - sections   
    Hi Amaroun
    As OldBruce has mentioned, these are separate features within Publisher, I recommend checking out the following tutorial videos for more info here -
    https://affinity.serif.com/tutorials/publisher/desktop/video/337265458/ - Sections
    https://affinity.serif.com/tutorials/publisher/desktop/video/337458714/ - Table of Contents 
    I hope this helps!
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    Amaroun reacted to Multi4G in More than one Gradient in a Mask? Here is how - Affinity Photo Secrets   
    Learn how to create as many Gradients for your Mask as you want. Super quick and easy. You can add and subtract from your mask. And the best thing: You can always change it later on.
    In this Tutorial is will show you a sweet little Workaround on how to create Mask-Gradients, using rectangles and Layer Blend modes to add or subtract from the Mask area. 
    My FREE* Skillshare Course: https://skl.sh/2MvIqDm
    *2 Months Free Premium for new Members. 
    Awesome Deals for Affinity Photo:
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    Amaroun reacted to Move Along People in Edit Fill tool or transparency tool   
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