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  1. Hey @YZSTUDIO, I watched the video in my mother tongue, german. Maybe you get it even without understanding what he's saying.
  2. Hey reglico, after hours of looking for a tutorial to manage how this works, I've found one that showed me how to create a brush (in a way I could understand :D). This morning I got the time to test it. Et voilĂ  it worked. I could create these brushes which I had in illustrator before. But nevertheless, reglico I thank you so much for your time.! I attched the brushes I made this morning. So if someone is interested in using them, go for it. Fashion Brushes.afbrushes
  3. Hey Guys, I'm a fashion design student and I switched from Adobe Illustrator to Affinity Desginer. I don't want to use AD just for drawings but for technical drawings too. My problem: in Illustrator I had brushes for zippers and stitches. Everytime I drew a straight line I could change the brush into a zipper or a stitch but for AD there is nothing like this pre made brushes available (or haven't found it yet). So, is it possible that someone can explain me how I make this brushes in AD or it would be nice if someone do it for me I attached you the ad file with the pre made shapes This is how they look Thank you in advance Fashion Brushes.afdesign
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