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  1. If you're using a textured screen protector (e.g. the one from PaperLike [dot] com) even a plastic ruler can scratch it all up. Or a bigger problem is that holding a ruler on the screen often means you're touching the screen in at least one other place, which isn't caught by palm rejection and therefore causes issues with drawing the straight line with the pencil. Other apps handle this by having a tap-and-hold gesture to get the equivalent of using Shift on a keyboard. That's really what we're looking for.
  2. That's mostly what I do now.
  3. It would be super useful to have font presets so that we could save certain reusable font styles & sizes for quick access between documents. If I’m lettering a comic page, for example, and close that file to work on the next page, I need to reset my current font, size, and style instead of continuing with what I was using previously. It’s cumbersome to have to reset the size, leading, and font face each time I switch files.
  4. LeeL, here’s a screenshot.
  5. Thanks for your time on this, MEB. For others reading this thread later, I think a workaround for now seems to be turning off "Edit All Layers" in the menu within the Layers palette. So far, that seems to help prevent accidentally selecting the bottom, locked, layer while drawing.
  6. Agreeing with owenr above. If locking a layer doesn’t completely prevent editing, then I wouldn’t consider it a lock at all. It’s actually very important to be able to protect layers like this. When painting or drawing, it’s very easy to find yourself working on the wrong layer. If you’ve done so for 30 minutes and are beyond the undo limit, the piece can be ruined.
  7. Ok, thanks. That deliberate selection makes a bit more sense I suppose. The issue Chris_K is referring to (and which is apparently causing the bug I started this thread with) is that in iPad those locked layers are getting selected without deliberately selecting them in the Layers Palette. So what's happening is that I'm drawing and realize, after some time, that all of my lines are on the wrong layer - the locked layer that I did not select.
  8. Thanks MEB So the intended behavior is that you can edit a locked layer so long as you select it first in the Layer Studio? And the known-issue described above by Chris_K is what is causing me to (accidentally) select that layer and therefore edit it. Is that correct? Without that known issue of being able to select locked pixel layers, I think it's really odd that one can edit a locked layer at all. In all other programs I've used or as long as I can remember, locking a layer protects it from edits of any kind. And while I realize that Affinity is doing a lot of things differently (which I love), I think that one is counter-intuitive and will be hard to relearn for people like myself migrating from other apps. I'm not sure I see the benefit of only locking selection and transformation and not edits.
  9. Hi Chris, thanks for the quick reply. Yes, this is always with pixel layers. If I understand correctly, you are saying that it is intentional that locked layers can still be edited (drawn on, painted on). Is that correct? If so, that seems like a really strange behavior for the lock feature and is the opposite of what one would expect when locking a layer.
  10. This is on an iPad Pro. I usually lock the bottom-most layer as my background. And after drawing or painting a bit on new layers, I often find that Designer has shifted focus to that bottom locked layer and put my paint/drawing on it even though it's locked.
  11. Jeff C

    Designer: Guides disappear in Pixel persona

    Cool. Thanks for the confirmation, Sean.
  12. In Designer, any guides I’ve created disappear when I change to the pixel persona, or when I select a pixel pencil or pen tool. If I go to the menu and select Guides, they come back, but disappear again as soon as I choose pen or pencil tool.
  13. Jeff C


    July now, and I’m seeing this on Designer for iPad. I can’t use guides at all on pixel layers with pencil or brush tools.
  14. See the attached screenshot. This happens a lot on my iPad Pro. In pixel persona, aftre I’ve made a selection and then tap to move it, the selection marquee and the boundary/handles to move are not algigned. The move boundary jumps away from the selection. I am still able to move my selection, but the UI isn’t accurately showing the position of what is being moved.