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    Photos own Library

    So, I just finished reading through the linked post you gave me, and it looks like that the DAM is going to be some sort of "All Including Asset Manager", maybe for Photo, Designer, and the upcoming Publisher. That's what I think may be the case, and to be honest I think it's an interesting concept. To have ALL Affinity Products managed under one Roof and to be able to manage and sort your creations from all of these different Programs would be make using these a lot easier. Imagine creating a Publisher Project and you can just import your Photo and Designer creations. Not having to search for them in other places or on different Drives or something like that (I would have to look for Photos in the Apple Photos App and wait for it to load first, and the Designer files are god knows where scattered across my drive), but just open the Media Tab and having the ability to quickly find your pre-sorted assets directly in one Library. Maybe that's why the DAM is postponed... they want to finish Publisher first and then wrap the Manager around the finished Products. At least that's what I hope is the case, because that would be the most amazing development kit in terms of Picture Design and Web-Development.
  2. TGDesign

    Photos own Library

    Ha, I guess that's what I get for just a quick search in the Forum. Awesome, thank you for the Link, gonna check it out, but I would never get the Idea that my understanding of Library would be called "Digital Asset Management". I guess DAM sounds a lot better than Library
  3. Hi, I use Affinity Photo on a Mac and my main Library where I store and manage my Pictures is the Photos App from Apple itself. So my normal workflow is to import new pictures --> create a new Album --> select favourites --> edit one by one in Affinity Photo. The problem with this is, that if I forget to convert from 32bit back to 16 bit the Pictures are shown incredibly dark in Apple Photos and I have to do everything again, because if I want to edit the Picture again via Affinity Photo, it resets all changes and I have to start all over. And it is kind of slow to have to load every picture from Apple Photos to Affinity Photos and back when saving. So my idea would be, that Affinity Photo would have its own Library where you can import, store and manage your Pictures. With native integration into Affinity Photo so even when you edited a Picture before and want to make changes it would still have everything good to go when you edit it again. iCloud integration would work like with Apple Photos and you could have everything backed up in the cloud, maybe also on other cloud services or your own network storage. A little bit like Lightroom (i know, we don't speak its name here ;), but I hope I could explain my idea good enough that it makes sense, since I'm not a native speaker. So what do you think? Would that be something to improve Affinity Photo? (If the Poll works, you can leave a vote). EDIT: Typos, and clarification

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