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  1. Thanks! I got it now! I thought I had to select the layer of the item I wanted to change, didn’t get that it meant the overall-master layer!
  2. Hello, I have a problem with detaching masters form my page. In the support articles and the tutorial video they point out that there should be kind of a menue apearing on the left side in the contextual bar or in the right-click menue, but both just don't show up for me. I attached a screenshop on the contextual bar when I have a master object selected in the layers with the pointer tool and as you can see the detached- and linkede- options don't show up as they should. They also don't show up in the right klick menue but I wasn't able to screenshot that.
  3. I also noticed that, when I want to set a new point quite near to the last point (with Apple Pencil) it wouldn’t do it until I zoom in so the distance between the points gets bigger.
  4. I have a similar problem while using pen tool or editing nodes afterwards. It‘s very unresponsive, especially if you use the one finger gesture to move both handles separately. 321BF5D9-541F-45C9-8D79-8BA913F8DBC9.MOV
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