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  1. Switching my document from Wide Gamut ot sRGB fixed this problem, thank you a lot R C-R !
  2. Hi, I'm now using Affinity Designer (1.6.4) to design a javascript game for a game jam, which is like designing a website, color wise. I have a problem as the colors I pick in AD look very dull once their hex code pasted in my css stylesheet, like you can see below. The blue and green on top (Chrome) look nowhere near the colors below (AD). I suspected the cause was the color profiler, so I took a screenshot of AD and pasted it in Photoshop and indeed, the hex colors I pick in Photoshop are different than those shown in AD. And once pasted in my CSS, they look as intended. To me, that screenshot show the real colors, while in AD a color drawn and its hex code don't fit. In AD, the color format of my document is RGB/8, with profile Wide Gamut RGB. The RGB Color Profile in Preferences is sRGB IEC61966-2.1. It is the same gamut in Photoshop. I don't know much about color management, and while I understand its importance for print work, I feel that for web or game design a given hex color, on the same monitor, should look the same whether it's on AD or in a web page. At least I never had this issue with Adobe products. To which I wouldn't come back because apart this issue, AD is far better (and affordable) than Adobe Illustrator for my use. Regarding user interface & experience, those guys could learn from you folks. But well, this problem is... a problem. Thanks for any advice, game jam clock is ticking!